Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week 4 of Work

It's close to a month. Yet I feel as raw as an uncooked egg. I think I am quite a dumb person. I can't think. My mind is blank when someone talks to me. Ask me eng|neering things, and most likely I wouldn't be able to answer you. So many times, I felt like giving up and just pay up for the bond break, but being a stingy and unwilling to part with money person, I held back. And also the disappointment my parents would have if I had given up, which I dont want them to feel that their daughter is a ηͺε›ŠεΊŸγ€‚ Thus I am still here, into my 4th week.

5th week is more scary. I must do it. But am I capable to do it? Haiz. I spend so much time reading on the net yet the result is still the same. I am very scared to let the person who hired me down.

Why am I so lousy?? God, please help me!


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