Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The C0ach

It has been my third month here.

Hmmm, now I am very free, actually. And my liking (not scandalous kind)towards my c0ach is sometimes gd, and bad. I like him when he explains things to me, and he never gives me pressure. The bad thing is, he is too busy that he heckcares about me for MOST of the time. Am I ready to take over his job when the time comes? Sigh~ I would finally know how "DOOM" is spelt then.

Talking about c0ach, I've full of admiration for him. How I wish I am so pro like him, in pr0gramm!ng and multitasking. My first impressions of him weren't as gd. Ha ha, in fact, I remembered complaining that I don't like him cos he has an accent and I'd have problem understding him. Erm, actually his English is gd lah, better than locals'. I realise ppl from that country, speak not bad English. Another reason for the not-very-gd impression is cos he's a smoker. I don't know why I do not have gd impression of smokers, shrug. And the shock I got on dnd when he was so beer-l0ving and sputtering nonsense like a drunkard and repeating his words over and over again. That time, he said, whenever he was drunk, he would repeat his 'l!fe st0ry' to the audience. Actually I am quite curious & kp0 to hear his story, it must have been real bad, to be only told during drunk. But I doubt I get to hear it.

He puts a pic of his son on his wall. He looks so much like him. I feel like saying that to him. But stopped myself because, I am not close to him, I only talk to him on work related matters. Any other comments, I should keep them to myself. Haha.

Maybe next entry or so, I would talk about the other characters at my workplace. Stay tuned!


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