Sunday, December 20, 2009

The 2nd Boss (Bobby)

Today I am introducing another character, Bobby. He's a M3ch Enginr. Why I report to him is because, Manager, has no time to handle small fries like us, so put us under Bobby, and Bobby reports to Manager. Btw. Bobby is my fe||0w tra!nee's c0ach. Both of us are under him. I find it weird, that I report to him, cos he doesnt know the things I do. Only my c0ach knows.

Bobby was once in my idol list. Haha. I am easily impressed by the enginrs. When he was explaining things to us, he's not too bad, at least he's patient and slow in explaining, unlike my c0ach, who goes v fast. Haha. Sometimes I really envy my fe||0w tra!nee.

Bobby is about 40 i think. He's never mentioned his exact age. He's a daughter, and goes to the church. Cos his car has those religious stuff. Haha. He's a sm0ker, very heavy one.

Sometimes, Bobby will joke with me. And I always laugh. The secr3tary and him are on very gd terms. So gd to the extent that they give me the impression that they flirt (abit). Haha. She will address him as 'shu@i ge', and when i first heard it, I was giggling cos he is far from 'shu@i'. And the conversation between them is most of the time nt serious one. Haha, quite cheesy.

That's all for Bobby~


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