Sunday, January 10, 2010


Ok, I have changed my specs. It costs $150 only and I started wearing it abt 6 days ago. I have already gotten used to this new one. I wanted to send the old one for repair, if it is free of charge, but I don't know why this thing just slipped my mind and I only just realised I have clearly forgotten a day ago. Cos the old one costs me $253, I feel v wasted as I only wore it for a year.

I am getting v lazy. I still have 1 more pants to alter myself, but I just cant get my hands started. Yawn.

My computer kenna virus, and the anti-virus software has been disabled, that's why. Since this computer is still in working condition (except for the hanging), I will not be buying a new one until it is really beyond hope. Ha. other than the hanging at the BIOS start-up, it is working, or rather, I dont see what other harm it is causing.


Work! I went to get a lot from the temple again, to seek an advice from Guan Yin. I am worried abt my life at this coy and b0nd. I am such a worried freak.

Jia you, Jon!


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