Monday, December 28, 2009

In Office, Idling

Now I am so free that I can even type nonsense during office hours. It feels like I am saying my last words, but don’t worry I am not going to commit suicide.

The frustrations indeed drive me crazy sometimes.

Frustrations. During those days, I steered away from what I was supposed to do. It’s because I am not confident of doing it. And why I have zero knowledge is because, I have not been told how to. There is no accusation at anybody, but a truth.

Words. They change. I wonder if it is merely due to absent-mindedness or otherwise. Can you imagine how unsure I am, if instructions were bare minimum, not conveyed clearly, and flipped quite so frequently. Okay okay, so many times said and guaranteed in assurance, ended up as empty promises. How nice it would be if words are blacked-&-whited in tape recorder.

To say I have lotsa free time, or say I have not much time left is more apt? The former, so much free time idling in office trying to find things to do, act busy etc. But too bad I don’t receive many emails. Not very wanted you see? The latter saying, my doomsday is coming real soon, whereby I would be on my own, so little time left for me to learn (irony, am I really learning?) from him.


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