Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Start of a New Year

It's the second day of 2010, well, to me, there is no woo-ha over a new year. Life still goes on as boring and routine as ever.

My new year resolution:

1) Be pro in my work
2) Be happy, myself & everyone around me
3) Get someone who can appreciate me

I've realised how chicken I am! Don't dare try contacts, scared of discomfort and think of many what-ifs. What if I kenna infection etc. Same for braces, I wonder if I can survive having metal in my mouth and also the suan-ness that comes along with every tightening of it. I cannot bear the thought of removing healthy teeth. I feel so wasted. What about lasik? I think most likely also don't dare.

Chicken.......................................... I'm Jon, a chicken in disguise!


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