Sunday, January 17, 2010

The C0ach IV

Haha! Surprisingly, there is a number 4 entry on him, I guess I really 佩服 him too much. I thought no more entry on him, but.. eventually fall to the temptation of writing about him.

He is 神!How does he always know? He knows everything, and is forever so zai in his work. Everything to him is so 'easy'. "This is easy... that is easy...". I would like to see him stumped at his work. Haha. I dunno, maybe I am a 幸灾乐祸 person?

Anyway, the last day - before he left for another country, he actually dressed up. He styled his hair. He had not styled his hair before. He wore a dark blue, striped long sleeved shirt, and white/cream coloured pants. Actually I saw him at the bus stop outside @mK statn, while waiting for the bus to office, but I never approached him to initiate a chat or anyth, cos I am bad at striking conversations.

Then as we were reaching coy, we crossed path. He smiled charmingly at me. I abit shocked. Cos he REALLY smiled charmingly, when he has never done that before. Haha. I felt like laughing, don't know why.

But he's unhygienic, at lunch time. When that happens, I would be disgusted... Haha.

Nvm, I think he's the one! My benefactor. He has helped me more than manager had. So its not the manager.


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