Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's my Day!

H@ppy Bir+hd@y to ME! I am 24! I am getting old! Woohoo, but my looks forever stays at 18, haha.

My wish is to do well in my job. Of course, I wish to find my signific@nt other, heh heh. Every year, I eat red eggs, so I become lazy in taking photo of them, so no pics of red eggs this year.

My present for myself is nail polish. I think I know what to get for myself next year, it would be a watch. Because recently I just bought one in Dec/Jan, that I can't possibly buy a new one within such a short period after I bought my first.

Last week's meeting, I got bombed by b0ss. Questioned by him, and all my ans are "don't know"s. Nvm. And about Bobby, he is 38 yrs old, I asked him last week. Haha. Actually my coy is not those stingy type, so I secretly feel lucky for getting in this coy as my first job.

Once again, H@ppy B!rthday, Jon, and hope to get surprise letters from admirers, haha, joking. Good luck and may all wishes come true!!


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