Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Lion

After introducing The C0ach, The 2nd Boss (Bobby) and The Harshy, finally, I am writing on another character, which is The Lion.

The Lion is the immediate boss of The C0ach, and The Lion reports to my boss, so he's a rank lower than my boss, and is a manger.

Physical appearance wise, he is very unique. The reason I named him as The Lion is because, of his hair. His hair is ridiculously dyed golden brown, and wavy, and LONG! Some days in office, he will tie up a short mini ponytail. Haha. His hair is loud and abit beng, but when I get used to seeing his hair, I find it cool, in fact, very very cool! Usually managers are all old old de, and with neat and tidy hairstyle. So it is interesting to find a manager who is so 另类.

He wears tee shirt/ cool looking polos, jeans, v casual one de. Actually he doesn't look like a manager. But in terms of demanour, his conduct and behaviour fit one. Because he is cool, he doesn't talk alot, but words that come out are always making sense, like very wise. Man of few words, but he's still eloquent. And because he is so cool, I am very scared of him. Total, I think I have spoken to him for less than 10 times. Haha.

And today I was in the same team as him. Still, didn't really talk. Haha. I think I am beginning to notice him due to his coolness and charm. I estimate his age is about 35/36/37. Ha..

Anyway, here's my scores: 63-43-65.


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