Monday, March 08, 2010

Things I Suddenly Recall...

1) When I was 17, after my O's, I wrote in to Friday Weekly, the students' Chinese newspaper, to submit a piece of essay. It was about my regret for not studying hard enough, leading to my unable to attend a J.C in my 1st 3 months. I think I was free & bored, and had some 感触, so I wrote.

That time, I didn't subscribe the paper anymore. So I didn't know if my piece was published or not. Then after a very long time, I received a cheque, $10 or $12 as my 稿费. Whaha..

2) I first bought something from A&W Fastfood restaurant was during my primary school (i think pri 4) field trip (to zoo or birdpark i don't remember). I bought curly fries. The quantity was not alot. Then my friend came and asked if she could have some. I said yes. So she took. Because its curly fries, and so she happened to take a very long curly one, then I reprimanded her, why you take so big one? Oops, I very 计较 right?

And finally to end off, here's a wallpaper for you...


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