Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Concave Haircut

I had my haircut today, $12 and its finally another hairstyle. It's the concave shaped one. Why I cut this is because, many many many people commented that I always cut the style, never change for the past dunno-how-many-years. Ha ha. Feels refreshed after getting a new style.

The back is short, and full, a contrast from my default severely-layered, which all along I find it nice and easy to wash. The sides are long, this part is the reason holding me back from changing to concave shaped. When the wind (or fan) blows, the sides tickle my face... Its itchy when the hair at the side fall on my face.

Well, this concave has still a bit of layering as my previous cut is very layered. Heh. Overall, I am satisfied with this cut, but I still prefer my usual layered.


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