Sunday, June 13, 2010

I must do it! Though with a crooked back...

C0ach is leaving in 2 days' time. How sad. Once a mentor, forever a mentor, so I should be glad that I have such a wonderful mentor during the first 9-10 months here, and I would never forget how kind he is. Haha, I sound like he's leaving for good. But he'll be back.

As for the thing I cannot do, I don't have time to figure it out. Don't know I am so busy these days. I must do it. To prove to myself, most importantly.

New female chi0 eng!nr has been here for a week. i shall write about her weeks later as I can't judge her so quickly...

Fri played bad, my body is aching and my back is severely crooked. Is there sth wrong with my back, as my back has been giving me problems. Sigh, I have a weak back, a weak stomach... Sat went to barbeque... my body needs rest. Today, I helped out in dumplings preparation work... includes washing the leaves, which is d@mn tiring!!! And made my back even more crooked.


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