Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't ever trust others too easily

"Don't ever trust others so easily" is the lesson learnt and I am still learning it to perfection. I have come to realise knowing a person takes time. But after a period of time, you thought you know the person well enough to trust and open your heart and thoughts to the person. Then you realise, well, maybe its as a wrong move. I feel this way now. Not that I got cheated by any anyone, I don't understand why I am feeling this way too. Luckily, I always put on some guards against ppl.

I don't like it when I see some people believing others so easily,and being so honest with them. You need not lie, but you need not tell him everything. If there's something I don't like other to know when asked, I would shake my head. The other party should know I don't want to reveal and stop asking any further.

Sigh, I wish I could stop being so moody.

Its something like, this person promoting a product, lets say cigarettes, to me so persistently. I have always been reserved and never believe him so easily, thus I didn't try cigarettes at his first few tries of persuasion. Imagine if he promotes cigarettes to me everyday, at 10pm daily without fail, demonstrated by puffing himself heartily, would I be swayed? Ok, maybe after 6-8mths of persuasion, one day I would soften up, thinking, MAYBE cigarettes are really good stuff? Maybe I try once so that I can know how good it is. So I took a puff and I liked it, and got addicted. Another 3 mths later, this same person came to me, and told me to quit smoking as he had done so, as he realised smoking is bad for health... What the he||.... Shouldn't have started in the first place then. How am I able to stop when I am so addicted to smoking already?

This case, would you blame the person for it, or would you blame yourself for not being reserved enough? For me, both.


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