Saturday, September 08, 2012

Oh no! I will be j0bles5 Soon!

I must be the most unlucky person ever in my company! It happened twice! Damn it! Why has it got to be me? There are at least half a dozen of lazy and taiji people around, why is it ME? Neither am I an MC king!

Come on! Bear with me, let me whine. I'll stop when I get tired. Sigh, life is never fair. I have seen lousier people getting so easy along their work. I am not fantastic, but at least I do what I need to do. Why is my luck so rotten to the core?

My mind is so sharp today that I don't even doze at all! Wonder if I am able to sleep tonight (now). My disappointment is making me heavy with thoughts. Yes, anger, I do feel it building up. Blame it on those who made this happen? Or blame myself for always making the wrong decision?  I am relatively young, but why am I experiencing this kind of shit!

Nobody can tell me why. Its my life. What can I do? Move on lor..


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