Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Love this Pic

Ever since I took this pic with my cellphone, I quite often open this pic to admire it. Haha. The one in blue is the bike I rode on for the past 3 sessions. I know, its a small one, but I hope to try riding a slightly bigger one.

From young, I had wanted to learn cycling, but I had no chance to learn it. Nobody to teach me, no bike for me to ride on... I like the feeling of wind blowing at my face, thus I knew I would enjoy cycling, just like, playing on a swing. I also like non air-conditioned bus, I would open the windows and let the wind get me. Haha. But now, many buses are air-con ones.. Only those buses running those industrial routes are w/o air-con.

Ok, here's the pic.


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