Monday, December 26, 2011

End of the Year

Few more days to go before the new year comes, I am not thrilled esp in my current state of zuo-bo-ness. Nevertheless, I hope the coming year would be a good one for me. Needless to say what my resolution for the new year is, I also hope that life would be healthy and peaceful for us. As I grow older, what I want in life is getting simpler. I don't expect alot, just happiness.

An irrelevant thing I want to write on my blog, is that I had a weird dream nights ago. I dreamt I was going for an intvw, but not sure why I was being accompanied by ppl whom I know, I kept looking around for the intvw venue but just couldn't! I was very sad, I was missing the intvw. Then I went home and found out that the HR had sent me an email saying that the intvw was postponed because she was sick, haha. And yay! How lucky.


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