Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It has been very quiet

My last interview is so far the third company that has granted me an interview. I haven't had any calls lately. It is quite demoralising, am I so undesirable that my resum3 turns them off?

To be honest, I am starting to panick. The horror of being unemp|oyed for several months, the idleness and laziness I would have developed, make me realise I just want to work and be useful. I feel the pressure when people ask me if I have found a job. As I answered them, I would ask myself too, how come haven't? And then my confidence level got hit by several points down.

Ok, my third interview, I knew they weren't going to choose me. You can tell if they are interested in me. If they were, they would ask you many questions. Nevertheless, the interview was not too bad, the interviewers seem nice. Haha. Take it as a practice session.

I have run out of companies to send my application to. You know, I keep seeing the same adverts that, most of them, I have probably applied before. Yet no news, wasn't shortlisted, yet the adverts are still there. If you cannot find anyone, why don't you just take me? Or either, the turn over rate is high, nobody works for you for exceed 2 months? Then this must be a yucks job.

Jia you Jon!


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