Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The End

Yesterday was my last day. It was still a rushing day. People usually have a relaxing last day, able to go around talking to people, saying goodbye. But I didn't. No time at all. I did send goodbye email, but in the rush, I had left out many many people whom I worked with before. Haiz. But forget it la.. I had prepared my most touching farewe|| email to my department ppl. Haha. I am glad and proud of it.

And j0b seeking is v sianz. I went for my 2nd intvw. Was ok ok only. And my high heels shoes split under the rain, on my way to interview. The shoes was bought 2 years ago, and it was still alright when I wore it to my first intvw, cos it was not raining. Then I bought new shoes on my way. Bring me luck, shoes!

Also, bought a cheap0 phone. Andr0id phones are fun. I used wifi to access internet and download my apps, dont even need to pay for data plan. Cheap and good. Battery dies out if surf heavily. But what can I complain, since this is a cheap0 phone. Heh.


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