Thursday, June 02, 2011

I need to go...

I can't stand it anymore! I feel that time's up, its time to leave this place for greener pastures.

Unlike how I was once looking forward to work, I now dread reporting for work. When I settled down at this place after a few months, I was very happy and felt that I had the best job in the world. It was what I wanted, and I was learning, and doing quite well.

Perhaps, as time goes by, whatever good points you have, will be taken for granted, thus others esp bosses will only see what you fail to do, instead of what you have done. This is a sad thing. I was quite disheartened by some of the remarks which were made by them casually.

Empty vessels make the most noise and I can't stand them. Talk is easy. Doing it is hard, and time consuming. I know I am far from perfect, but I think I am far from lousy too. I am trying hard, can't you see? I don't show off and go around telling ppl what I am doing, because I aspire to be someone who accomplishes with his/her actions, and not using his/her mouth. As long as I do my tasks, solve the problems, I am glad already. I never see them as my idols, I am referring to b0ss and |eader, who are both successful ppl using their mouth. I want to be like mentor and some other very wise ppl, they aren't fantastic at presentation, but I like them alot because of their capability.

If I were to leave 1 day, the only things I would miss are: my comfortable chair/desk, my nice colleagues who aren't mouthy, and of course what I can learn from these technically-strong ppl. I believe I still can learn more from here, but the ppl I report to and some of the things/demands are killing me. I have aged alot, due to stress.

Its good to complain here... Haha. I should start job seeking.


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