Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Evil Lead

The evil lead is born in the year of dog, and he is indeed a s0n of b|tch! I am always a civilised person (I still am!), but he made me call him that. He is 41 yrs old and is still a bachelor. He drives.

This man, on the surface, is a compassionate person, who would buy tissue paper packets from aging aunties/uncles in hawker centre, and is a strong advocate for old-folks home visiting as company recreational activities events. But in actual fact, this man is evil beyond redemption. He did many evil things, and all these small little kind act he tried to do, are so as he will not go to the 18 levels of hell after he has died.

Btw, about some time ago, the windscreen of his car was smashed, overnight. Served him right. I wish the offender will do it once more.

I have never gave him any respect as a b0ss, because, respect needs to be earned, and he is undeserving of my respect. Pui! And by not treating him as a b0ss, I was courting my own death.

He is the main reason, why I am not feeling sad to leave. The evil things he did are:
1. Told b0ss nt to hire us as, can easily hire fore|gners who are cheaper and can do our job as well.
2. Always picking on me. When I was handling so many things on my own, he never offered any help, or offer someone to help me. When some other ppl need help, he would critisize that I never help.
3. I shared a project with another guy. Guy was named as first person in charge, I was only 2nd support. When things go wrong, I got blamed by Evil lead. Any credit will not be mine, any blame, definitely mine!
4. These few days, I still do my job as per normal. there are many things to do, and I was busy from the start of the day to end of the day, yet evil lead still say 'I do nothing'. Very very angry. It is not true at all! Either he is blind, or he is picking on me. Did i ever sit at my place and shake leg do nothing? No!
5. Mechanical faults, also become my fault.. Everything is my fault!

He is the most evil person I have ever met. To hell you go, evil lead!

Only my own department ppl know the real him, other department still think he's a v nice person. Pui.


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