Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's very ironic...

Mon makes my second last day of work. I would be on leave until sixteenth, which I go back to throw my badge. Haha. And we had barbecue session on Mon. I will miss some of them.

When I first knew I would be gone from this coy, I was elated. As time comes closer to the leaving date, I actually start to feel sad. Some of them are really very nice ppl. Perhaps, the thought of change in everyday's work routine makes me unsettled. What if my future workplace or colleagues aren't this nice? Though I haven't even secured a job and its early to worry about all these. I will miss them, dearly. But soon, time will pass very quickly, and the missing will fade with time. Its a cycle.

Also, its very ironic. When I am working, I would think, aiya, how come we must work ar? If we can slack at home will be v shiok, everyday shake leg at home... But yesterday, I started to worry about when I can get a job again. Seems like working is compulsory, our mind is programmed that we have to work.


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