Monday, August 29, 2011

I am very tired today.

Today I went for a 2nd-round intervw, and I got it. However, the pay is below my expectation. I have to think about it. Perhaps, won't be taking it up :-(

And I am sick today. Sneezed until my throat hurts, no mood to talk. Thus I am very tired. Also, partly it came from the disappointment of the low pay offered. Can you believe it? The pay increment from previous job is 3.8% for probation period. After probation, it would be 15.3%. Still very little. Really waste my time...Haiz. Where can I get a job that pays me decently and with interesting jobsc0pe?

Sianz, the thought of continuing to send resumes and waiting for calls. Zzzz. Off i go sneezing...Ah chooooooo~~~!!!


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