Friday, September 16, 2011

The Job-seek|ng Experience that never ends...

Argh! When can I stop looking for a job? It is indeed very sian. Ok, I need to put it down here, so that during my next job search, I will remember that job-seeking is never an easy process, and always grab any opportunity that comes by!

Over thirty-something applications sent, so far only 4 responded with interviews. That about 10 percent. Oh no. This is so terrible.

Having said that, doesn't mean that I regret the decision made earlier in the offer. Well, its still early (though not really), to say whether it is a wrong decision or not, it depends on the next offer i get (which most probably I would take if any offer), if that new offer is better than the 1st one.

Yesterday, I went for my 4th interview. It was a very short one that last for 15 mins. I have never had such a short one. Usually means not much chance. I have problems finding companies which I can send application to.

Please bless me.


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