Monday, October 31, 2011

I am a tourist

Whoohoo! I am a tourist in my own country.. for a day!

I went to MBS. The hotel room is at 31st floor but the view at the balcony was so-so as its just a view of the construction site, probably for theme park? See..

The Shoppe mall there is very mega.. and can get lost in there. I never stepped into any shop as they are all super high-end. Only went into C0ld St0rage~ Most of the shops are all serving mosquitoes, must be the price tag...

Then the main course is the Sky P@rk! Its a swimming pool at highest 57th floor. It a pity I don't know how to swim. Actually, its also no big thing to me.

Does it look scary to you, that if you swim near to the horizon, you will fall off from 57 storeys? But.. its safe... there's something below.

The went around to take photo of the bird's eye view.

From the sky bright to sky dark...

Lastly, on the way back, crossed the he|ix brldge.


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