Friday, September 23, 2011

My 5th intvw

To date, this is one of the worst intvws I had. I feel the people (intvwers) are slightly arrogant. Perhaps they are the political kind. Being in a big company, they seem proud of it, and have the elitism feeling.

It from the questions they ask, you can feel that there's some elitism in them. Examples.

Them: Have you ever applied to any of our companies before?
Me: No.
Them: Why not? (imply: OURS IS SUCH A BIG COMPANY) And need this agent to call you up to tell you about this opportunity?
Me: *Replied silently in my head, Duh! He called me up because I applied to the job in the first place! What stupid questions are you asking?

Them: What did you maj0r in?
Me: M|cr0 electrnics
Them: Oh, then why didn't you join *list other company's name*?
Me: I am open to that as well. (*Replied silently in my head that, ya I did apply to that company & I think I prefer joining that company to yours.)
Them: Haha, just kiding.

Them: Why was your contract not renewed? (imply: Haha cos I know you are lousy!! Heh. I will make you answer that)
Me: There was no headcount, and the economy will not be that g00d in the next quarter, so they were not hiring.
Them: Do you believe the reason they gave you? (imply: no no, I think real reason is that you are lousy)
Me: *Replied silently in my head, why are you asking this? You already have an impression that I am lousy, even if the reason is true, you would choose to believe that it was due to my incompetency. Waste my time talking to you, and my bus-fare.

Them: You will get a call if you are selected. Usually, there will be a total of 3 rounds of intvw, the last round will be with who-who-blah blah..
Me: *Replied silently in my head, I don't expect to get a call, even if I do, I am not interested anymore. I do not wish to work under you.
Them: If you do not get selected, I still want to thank you for your time.
Me: * Replied silently in my head, ya my time, wasted.


It is true that I am getting v worried about my j0b. Seems hard. But even then, I still will not work under such boss. Neither does he want me anyway.

I run far far from this company....


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