Monday, November 21, 2011

My Short Ba+am Trip..

I went on 19th and stayed over 1 night. It was quite a rushed trip, as we were on a tour. At that ferry terminal, we were gathered by local tour guide.

First, went to Ralph Lauren P0lo shop. Things there aren't cheap. Not worth buying.

Next, were brought to Dry market that sells tidbits like keropok. Prices there are higher than at supermarket at mall, which I only found out at the end of the day.

Then, next was Buddhist temple.

Seafood lunch at some 555 kelong restaurant, if I didn't rmb the name wrongly. Quite Ok. Crab, gong gong, fish, fried sotong, fried prawn, fruits and coconut drink.

There was a v short show after lunch.

It was very hot over there in the afternoon. Can barely stay for long at the min|ature house, which is just a garden/park, with many small model houses.

Next stop was the Chinese temple.

After which, we went to Batik shop and factory out|et shop.

Then we were brought to Ba+am C|ty Square ma||, which has more things to see/buy.

Lastly, to the hotel..

Free n easy starts so late. Dinner at nearby kelong restaurant. Then idled around.

Next morning, breakfast buffet which had not much things.

Finally Legs soaking at seaside, then headed back to where we come from....


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