Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life is a blur...

Because time passes too fast! I have been without income for 1 month.

Up next, cny is approaching. Many chores yet to be done. Even my room. Given my non-working status, I should be free right. But no, browsing for jobs to apply takes a lot of time. Some days, after searching one whole day for suitable roles to apply to, I could not even find any.

Since no income, I never bought new tops. Only one new pants. $29. No shoes. Wear old ones will do. Last time I always stock up under wear whenever I saw SALE. So I have new spare ones to wear. Yeah.

No income very cham. Always think twice before I spend. Do I really need it? So if I spend, I will spend it at the supermarket. Tidbits..

Less than two weeks.. HUAT AH!


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