Saturday, April 06, 2013

5.5 days in SIP

Things happen when you least expect it. Like, how I was in my job seek, I avoided jobs that require travel, cos I am afraid to travel and interact with people of other nationalities. Why? I am quiet in nature and I am so afraid of the awkwardness when I do not understand when they are saying, due to culture & language differences.

And my first work trip to Suzh0u begun 2 weeks ago, and here I am back for 1 week already. Throughout the trip I was very alert (because when you are in a foreign land, you have to be-careful). I sort of cannot believe that I went there and came back! The trip went pretty ok. But I am more daunted by what awaits me back at sg, all the tasks needed to do. I am so scared I cannot perform to expectation back in sg.

We stayed at Su|sse Place, quite a nice hotel, clean and big, but the downsides are that my room has no wifi and the area where the hotel is situated in, is quite a boring place. We would prefer some shopping malls nearby, you see. Typical sgreans, haha. The hotel staff are very nice & welcoming, much more smiley than in H-K.

It was so damn cold at about 11 degrees Celsius. The chilling wind. We took a open air ride around the lake area and became frozen!

Then we started work. Not bad, we learned quite something. People there are very patient and nice. They were very appreciative of the gifts we bought for them. And a few did thank us personally. So sweet of them. They even bought some makan stuff for us to bring back. Me is so touched. Took pictures of all of us. And I so respect the engr over there! Idol!

They showed us around, for two nights, after work. And even gave us an expensive dinner treat, which made them quite heart-pain. Haha. Paiseh to snap pictures of the food, so never.

Some of the food we ate our own. This is Hunan cuisine, all filled with chili.

Some other pics!


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