Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sad.. Took L-R- T for the second time...

So, how is my work so far? 4 months since my last post - I am still surviving. Quite busy most of the times. Except for days which I feel really tired, I would slow down my pace, slack a little.

Except for boss, the rest of the people are so so, and a few are annoying people. Hope they won't come and bother me.

Last Saturday - I took L-R- T. Suddenly felt like doing thing which I rarely do. Can you believe it, I live at see-see-k, but have only taken this mode of transportation TWICE! Well, there is no station near my house :( Anyway, the train is jerky. Definitely must hold on to the handrail. Even now MRT nowadays also very jerky. Unlike in the past I could fold my arms and stand steadily without any support.

Money is very important. It is the root of all evil. Without it, you would be miserable.With too much of it, you can stray bad. Felt sad last weekend.

Btw, I don't mind gaining a little more flesh, because skinny girls are less pleasant to the eyes. Flat, 没看头。When you wear sleeveless, it surely looks better if you have some flesh. I realise my shoulders area is abit too angular. It does not make me look womanly.  I am missing curves.Therefore I am always a girl... not a woman.


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