Sunday, December 08, 2013

Training and bosses

I went on a course. The building facilities is bad, no toilet paper provided in toilets, though they are old but clean.

My thing of the month came. Heavy. No toilet paper, how convenient! There is no bin to throw our cotton.

One day, I stained the chair. I was so worried that it will leave the ugly stain on it. I thought of how to clean up that stain.. Then I went for lunch.

Fast forward, when I came back, the stain was miraculously gone! That chair was purple.. and I think the fluid got absorbed fully INTO the chair's sponge such that it was no longer visible on the surface. I was so happy. Yucks. But I really like this kind of chair. I can't help it that I left too much of my DNA embedded in that chair.

I realise, being chatty, is a characteristic of a boss. Have you ever met bosses who are quiet? No, right? People who set up their company have the gift of gab. If not, how do they clinch deals, pacify or entertain their customers? I wonder if I ever get the chance to be a boss myself, set up my own company...

Bosses drive. Enjoy attention. Have to act like a boss, be generous and pick up the tabs. Be (abit) hypocritical, 看风使舵。Always do things for a purpose. Dress presentably and maturely. Be confident. Do networking.

Will I be able to do all these?


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