Tuesday, April 29, 2014

No more warding off evil from today onwards..

It's a scary, scary world.

Evil prevails at my place. Sigh, the talisman is gone today. The talisman is a wee bit too strong that many cannot take it and hence they want to have it tore down.

However, is it too strong for me too? I don't know, all along I am quite neutral towards it, maybe I am strong too, so it is ok for me, or maybe.. I have yet to witness its full power. Whatever the reason is, I still find the presence of the talisman beneficial to the place - it can curb the devils from romping around, disturbing innocent people.

What baffles me, is that why do the people not see the pros of having the talisman around? And the talisman actually lost to the devil? I cannot believe it. 

The talisman is taken down so easily. And the sad thing is that people actually rejoiced when it is taken down. Don't they foresee trouble loom ahead of them? The devil triumphs and starts to critisize the talisman.. oh no - I don't like it.

People do not value talisman, for what it has done and helped those poor victims. I respect and support the talisman (secretly), because it has done something which nobody here would do or dare to do. The people here are a weird lot, poor judgment. The talisman must be angry & sad, and disappointed with the lot.


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