Sunday, May 24, 2015

Starting on a New Job Tomorrow!

I was overworked. Ever since I returned from my holiday trip, all the work piled up waiting for me to clear them, on my own. It was payback time, I worked non-stop, although I was tired and wanted to take off. But did not due to the urgency of work (neither did I wish for any screw up).. I was supposed to deliver.. on my own. I was frustrated, but still worked on grudgingly. I needed a way out of here.

I went on an interview on 1-Apr. They got back to me on 20th. I signed on 22nd. I tendered on 23rd. I start afresh tmr!

This was my first resignation, and this turned out pretty bad, from what I had imagined. I have seen many others who resigned happily.. but why mine ended up so sour initially? Boss was a bit ann0yed at first. This made me very sad. I was a low profile person. But the news of my resignation spread fast and soon, everyone knew. Even I did not tell any third person. The funny thing is, my leaving motivated others to look for jobs.. I am the third to do so in my coy this year.

After some time, Boss seemed ok. Anyway, through the notice period, I was still very busy, doing hand-over and completing my half-jobs. But I was definitely happier during this period, things just don't bother me as much as before, haha. I took zero mc this year and had many leaves left. I took a few days leaves towards the end and enca&h the rest. Boss had farewe|| lunch for me and another girl. Another small group of colleagues had an informal one with me. Boss had bought me dessert on another occasion and bought me a gift. All these gestures made me sad to leave actually, which  I never thought I would be. Sometimes made me wonder, why did I leave, this isn't that bad?

Anyway, I have rested a few days and abit scared for tmr. All the best! Do well! Be sociable and happy! Hope this new coy will be a better one!


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