Sunday, December 20, 2015

My 2nd trip to U$$

My first time there. I just recalled I took Madagascar Crate Adventure that time, and I forgot I did!

 My 2nd trip, I took:

Transformer Ride (x2)
Accelerator (x2)
Waterworld show
Madagascar Crate Adventure
Far Far Away Enchanted Airways Junior Roller Coaster
Puss in Boots Giant Journey Roller Coaster
Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase
Revenge of the Mummy

 Do you know that I was so scared in the Enchanted Airways? Can you believe that I closed my eyes for 75% of the time. It is too fast for me, whenever it dives down, I closed my eyes and crouched down as much as possible, got the feeling of falling or being flung away. This is 13 meteres tall. I cannot believe this ride is suitable for kids. But kids seem braver than me. Boohoo.

Next I took the Puss In boots Giant Journey Roller Coaster. I didn't see this during my previous trip. I thought that is less scarier than Enchanted Airways, because the cart seems big, 'secured' and 'safe', and is very colourful and kiddy-looking yeah. Outcome: again I was scared and closed my eyes, when it was diving down. Overall a bit less scarier than Enchanted, but still...

After the 2 roller coasters, which were scarier than what I expected, I initially did not want to go the mummy ride. But I went for it eventually. I closed my eyes, and felt less scarier because this is an indoor ride, and won't get to see the scenery and height.

Conclusion: Even taking junior roller coasters freak me out, I can never take those battlestar rides. Never! I think I am afraid of heights, that's why!


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