Saturday, June 25, 2016

Work & Life

I am slightly more than 1 year into my 3rd job. There are some repetitive tasks, which bore me a lot. But what to do? Either I bite on or quit. But its too early now. The people here are quite nice though. And the best thing is that company provides quite ok welfare and benefits. There are activities organised and I do not need to pay a single cent to participate in these - badminton & yoga.

I especially like the yoga sessions by my company. Not only its free, the instructor is good. I later found out he is quite old, but looks boyishly younger than his age. Haha. My attendance is excellent, only missed one session due to some valid reason. I like also because yoga in company has some participation rate from guys. Being so, the yoga attire is simply tee and yoga pants. If you go attend outside atas yoga studio class, you cannot possibly wear shabby tees, when the other ladies wear skimpy tight yoga tops. And lights are switched off, its comfy and less self-conscious to do yoga in the dark, though you still can see how your colleagues perform in yoga. A session outside cheapest will cost $5 at community centre. Atas one can cost you $30 per session.

Badminton, initially I was not that determined but a female colleague wanted me to accompany her so.. my attendance also one of the best. Realise its really good to sweat it out so much, for someone so lazy to jog. I never like jogging cos its boring.

There are comments that I look energetic as compared to when I first joined this company. They think its because I took up all these regularly. I don't notice this myself but I suppose its true.

I am so proud of myself that I had successfully pierced my right ear lobe. I did it last year. I got my first piercing at 15. Fourteen years later, the remaining one succeeded after several tries. I already developed phobia after so many failed attempts.

Life at 30. I know I have little chance of changing my life. I do not have much expectation, therefore I remain as how I am now.


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