Sunday, November 06, 2016

Moi Virgin Trip to Europe

It was my first time, to somewhere so far away, 12hrs plus for traveling duration and also was away from home for 35 days from Aug to Sep.

Being an unadventurous person, I was surprised that I had actually agreed to this. I always have the phobia to interact with foreigners.

Anyway, I have enjoyed (7/10) the trip especially the expenses for the trips were taken care of by the company. My luggage came to 27kg. Personally, best buy was a small leather wallet for my mum which she really likes it. Also jeans I bought for myself. Plus the cans of radler which I now miss. And the weather too (abit lah). Nah, I hate the food there.

Throughout the trip, I had joined others in sight-seeing and also there were times I wandered on my own. I was happy to mingle with some of these people, some fun (not lonely) times.


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