Saturday, December 29, 2018

Toughest Decision ever! Br@ces On!

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After decades of consideration, I have finally done it, yes, br@ces. The main reason I am doing it, is because of my ugly underbite, where the lower jaw has 'come' forward in order to bite together. I am afraid that the jaw will progressively get worse and even more forward, as I age.

Other secondary reasons are:
1) a very small amount of the cost can be claimed from my company
2) no upfront teeth extraction

At later stage, if the results are not satisfactory, I may still need to go for extractions, but hopefully not. Another lucky thing is that, I need not put on separators prior to br@ces, because by default, the orthodontist doesn't use molar bands. I am happy that I am spared from the pain.

This is the second dental clinic I consulted. First one is near my house but orthodontist wanted extractions and duration would take 2.5 to 3 years. I am against extractions, as my teeth are in good condition. Unless I have cavity on those teeth, if not it is really a pity to remove them. I am a frugal girl, you see.

It costs near to $4.2k for this second clinic. The orthodontist seems like a nice person. Hope she is really good at br@ces.

When I first put on, there was the discomfort but pain hasn't kicked in yet. After hours, the suffering started. And I regretted, why I was so foolish to pay large sum of money to torture myself. Soft diet, and I was constantly hungry, and hence always moody. I realised I need to eat a lot more, so that I won't have second thoughts.

The worst is when I sleep at night, and accidentally bite down, and the top tooth knock against the lower tooth. Hurt so bad that it jolted me awake form my sleep. Omg. Days later, I discovered a good way to avoid this, that is to bit my lips. Biting down on my lips won't hurt, as compared to biting down on my own teeth.

Day 8, yet I am still eating soft food. Hope my teeth move fast and good. I am trying to adapt to br@ces


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