Friday, November 30, 2007

End of Suffering

Alright, I kept to my words and hadn't blogged during the long exam period. That is great, shows I do have some discipline eh? Altogether I had mugged for about 28 days (including time lost while slacking away). Wow, that is 4 weeks and close to 1 month. It is really a feat to me. I think I am slightly more disciplined than the previous sem.

Attachment c0mpany will be out soon, hope i get a nice and generous supervisor.

My plans for this hold are to :

1) Watch TV
2) Reread Harry potter
3) Play neopets. Ya i know neopets is v passe now.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Time is Ticking Out!

Good Grief! I got C for my lab report and C+ for java report. What is happening to me this sem? Seems like I am sliding down! Gosh, I really feel so worried for my grades this particular sem. Never do tut, tests did badly, no luck in tests, no motivation and more. Plus demoralisation ffrom lab and project! Sibeh J I A LAT!

For that tutor who gave me a 'C', i gave him 4 out of 5 for his teaching proficiency in his teaching feedback. Well, after I came home, I sort of regretted it. Should have given him a '3/5' instead. He isn't that good after all. Except that his handwriting is not bad.

I did go to pray to Confucius few weeks ago, I thought I need 'some external protection' from God, and I felt better after praying. I have this mentality, if you study, things should work out fine. Yup, I am trying to study. And hope that what i believe is true.

Will not blog when exam starts (unlike prev sems i sometimes blogged abt my papers). See you after 3 week!

为美男子而努力! 要做个配得上他的女生 Just motivating myself. Haha, the part on 配得上 is not serious lah!