Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Awaiting Benefactor..

While waiting, I took up promoter job during the weekends, to finance myself. But this is not an easy job. Legs are suan and pain after standing for few hours. And very routined and boring, after 30mins of promoting will make you feel bored.

Some interesting stuff or scenes to see are how young kids always get their lips stained with Nu+e||a, when they shoved their sample into their mouth. Haha. Very funny how they would end up in mess, either their lips kenna or their fingers kenna. Then the parents will take out tissue paper, wipe their kids mouths and tsk tsk tsk away, haha. Its cute to see young kids in a mess. The mess is because the sample is spread with very thick layer of nu+e||a and their mouths are so tiny, you see. I think I am a pedophile, i like to target kids and ask them try my samples.

Actually, if I ask teenagers to try my samples, I think 10/10 will not try. 8/10 teens will walk past ignoring me. The 2 will at least wave no or shake head or smile/look at me. See, that is my observation, that teens are more cool and attitude. Thus I don't target teens.

Besides young kids, I like to ask B@ngl@ or m@ids. The former is because if they KNOW that they won't buy the product, they don't take your samples. You can see the contrast between them and S|ngaporeans. Locals, I especially refer to those who KNOW they won't buy de, yet they will try the samples for fun. It's the mentality that is diff.

"Actually I don't eat bread, but I don't know why I want to buy Nu+e||a. I think its because you look like a very nice girl.." Haha! I want to note this down, whenever I think of this, I would feel very happy. Maybe this can boost my confidence in myself.

Faster come, my benefactor!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Job Seeking.

This is my 2nd intvw, not counting the one at campus intvw and the Prudent|al.

I have already gotten over with my sucky grades. However the intvwer brought it up. He asked me what happened to my grades. Haiz. When he asked me that, my heart sank and already knew that my chances are slim or near zero. The intvwer must be smart ass. I find the job scope quite interesting though.

The most demoralising thing I heard is, there would be many other people coming for intervwing. Competition, I will be boot out easily with such grades, by anyone who got better grades than I, and they are in abundance. I tried very hard to boost my confidence by being more optimistic, telling myself to forget about the grades and move on.

When will my benefactor come and save me? I have a hunch that this company I went to today is not the benefactor. My benefactor hasn't arrived. And I shall continue to send more resumes, till I find my benefactor!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Will You Please Call Me?

It is far too quiet, given that I have sent more than 30 cv. I know it's still considered few as compared to others. But at least I should have 1 or 2 more calls for interview, no?

I am getting frustrated day by day. Each day is considered done for, as past 5pm there is no need to wait for calls. Left dejected, I would encourage myself "Maybe they will call me tmr". And so, repeatedly, everyday the cycle starts at the time I wake up till 5pm. For 2 months, I feel so foolish for waiting for calls that never came. I am getting very desperate. My confidence dented, am I so lousy that I cant even get shortlisted for interview? Seriously, I really wonder the real reason behind such silence from recruiters?

Is it that there are few hundreds of applicants vying for a position?

And out of these so many applicants, given my poor grades, I stand no chance?

Or is it my grades that turn employers off in the first place?

Or my cv is not written well?

I am becoming scared.