Saturday, April 09, 2011

I have never felt so depressed over work...

I guess its the end of my good luck and my happy-go-lucky days.

Things seem to go wrong at all times. Everything will come to me. Next week when D!rect0r comes, I will get it. I want to take MC to escape from w0rk also cannot. I have abit of s0re throat, but I have something to do so I cant. In fact, I can no longer finish my report in office. For the past few reports, I always do at home de. Because I don't have any time to spare for that. Even I read up at home. I nearly had to go back to work just now, luckily the thing is settled, so no need.

The weather was so hot in the afternoon, I cannot imagine going to office on a sat in such weather. I haven't rest enough despite sleeping till 11am. I got awaken up by the sms on work stuff. I always 睡 until 自然醒 on wkends, like what the 9pm TV drama actor says.

Jia you, Jon! I hope I don't sink into a depression. Rant, whine here and buck up.