Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I still feel sad when I think of pr0j grade..

After several days, I still fee sad, seems like I cannot get over the disappointment. I'll never forget that scene and disbelief when I saw 'THAT GRADE'. I opened my eyes wider and stared at THAT GRADE and wondered if I had seen wrongly. I even used my mouse cursor to highlight the minus sign '-', whether it would go missing when I highlight it. It was stupid, but it was something I did out of shock. Haha. I'll never forget that moment.

I know the chance of getting a new grade is slim, but nevertheless, I just want to tell that man (whose face I would like to smack) that I got such a sucky grade and see what his response is.

Right now, life is great. Haha..

Friday, May 22, 2009


昨晚在床上躺了几个钟头后,我还是无法入眠。 想了很多关于(THAT GRADE)的那个重量级科目,我真的不应该拿THAT GRADE. 我花所有的时间在它身上。 太不公平了!我从未听过有pr0f那么残忍给自己的学生那么低的grade.

坦白说, 即使我得#, 我还是觉得有点不公平,但是#+的话,还没那么遭, 我还受得了。 THAT GRADE真的是受不了了!很多学生都拿A-,pr0j 其实是帮忙拉g-pi-a上来的。Ya but not for my case!

他之前还给我false hopes, 说他会帮我的!有被骗的感觉。

失望。难过是因为我的THAT GRADE显示我很烂!


I want to stab my p_0_!!!!!!!!!!! Pass me a knife!!!!!!!

Just joking. Though I do feel unhappy over the grade.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Feelings..

My feelings right now are a bit scared and happy. When the clock strikes 12, I would cease (hopefully) to be a student. Scared because I do not know how well or poor I fared in my papers, and happy because the end is VERY near!

I had dreamt of my grades last night.

I know I can never jump a class higher, this is rather sad. But haiz, just wish that impt number increase. Be it by a little, I would also be happy.

I want happy ending tonight, please?


Monday, May 11, 2009

Post-School Period

Hi. After school had ended, I am too lazy to write/blog. Some time later, I would probably forget my spelling due to lack of use. Haha. Anyway, feel like posting some pics.

Red eggs 2009...so long ago pics.

Wed and the free mask. Lastly, the voucher I won, that is the envelope.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Bye Bye Dumb Final Y. Pr0j...

Dear Dumb Project,

Today was the last time I need to worry over you. Because from today 10am (few hours ago) onwards, you have become a part of my history. You will be mentioned on the piece of paper called 'resume', only at certain time, eg like job hunting period. You will be used to highlight my strengths (or experience), though I do not have any to boast of. Neither do I think I had been successful in getting you on, but no choice, I am not smart enough to make you work out hard. Its a pity.

Nevertheless, from my experiments with your body, I had indeed learnt something from you. You gave me enough troubles when you played hard to get/work, however, I had never once given up on you. Eventually, you didn't disappoint me with your performance. At least you survived and did not pass out halfway.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, where you can meet scholar students, who can turn you this low class pr|nter into something useful and impressive. Let those capable transform you from 乌鸦变凤凰。 Haha.

Yours sincerely,
Jon the student who once messed with you in 2008/09.