Thursday, March 30, 2006

Exams are So Near...

I need to buck up. Have been lost in jurassic park since E-field topics and never got the chance to find my way out. Even reading through the notes v slowly and not missing a single word do not help me to understand. I tried to do the tut but they are not meant to be done by beings, so difficult lor! Why like that? i guess my interest in it is not there. And also, my math is quite weak. Whenever i see Integration, my fingers turn weak too. Haiz, i know wads going to happen to me on the few days before 27 April... ~putting up a tough struggle~

We just had a chem mcq test. i estimate 2 of my ans are wrong. Fine, buck up.

Next week is my favourite week cos we have
  • Computing test (again!) on Mon
  • Math test (again!) on Wed
  • Phy test (again!) on Thurs
Again play Tic Tack Toe, Three in a row. Why do all teachers like to play this?

How to get ready for exams when the tests are never-ending? Well, i guess these three are the last le, no more after those. The real battle starts after 2 weeks later.

No more cinema next week. So sad, i will miss him. haha.

Got B- again yestday.

Am obsessed with Changjin. Its one of the best serials that i ever watched. I'm loving it. So would you if u watch. So did the lecturer too! The Power of Changjin~ great!


Good luck to myself in exams!!!!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Just read today's The Sunday Times, it said that the average age for singaporeans to have their 1st sex is 18.8 years old. So does it mean that virgins are rare nowadays? I think i must be one of the most innocent and conservative person on Earth then. I am precious, why aren't the others grabbing me? ironic ya?

There is this girl who went to top seconday sch and JC, amd scored 5 distinctions in her A levels, who has been sexually active since 15. Woa, she is all-rounded. not only does she excel in sch work, she also enjoys her social life as well. amazing.

Those surveyed mentioned that they did not mind if their sex partners are not their bf/gf. Haha. Why are they so 'bochap'? and they do not practise safe sex some more! what they want is to experiment and explore.

Isn't it abit dangerous??

Friday, March 24, 2006

'B' for Boy

I got B grade for Oral presentation. and our grp essay was graded B too. A Boy made eye contact with me during his presentation. Some Boys made too, but they aren't the handsome kind. I am not discriminating against ppl with poor appearance, i had just presented on stereotyping on appearance and concluded stereotypes are inaccurate and causes ineffective communication. Ew, feel like puking when mentioning this phrase 'communication'. Thoroughly disgusted. yay, no more miseries over public speaking, haha.

Hope i dont see a B when i get back my math Quiz next wed.

I always wanted to say that these Boys look alike:

Boy, i am so slack despite the exams are so near.

This is a rojak post, no focal topic. Haha.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Truth about Patty and Oliver

Patty and Oliver are normal friends. Oliver, though is of the same age as Patty, he acts like a big bro to her as he takes good care of Patty in sch. Both stay near the west district, so Oliver picks patty up at her house everyday and then stroll to the sch together. They enjoy the morning breeze and admire the sounds of birds' chirpping. Being able to be with each other every morning, is a kind of leisure to them. Life is very routined yet blissful.

One particular night, Patty calls Oliver..

Patty: Hey, Olive Head, I am down with Chicky Pox.

Oliver: Oh really? Congrats! Wad is that by the way?

Patty: U shouldn't be congratulating me! U should feel sad instead! And chicky pox is a contagious disease, with many bubbles covering my whole body. But it will heal lar, so dont worry.

Oliver: Nah, i am not worried. I was just thinking how hideous you would look like with chicken-look-alike things on ur skin. But after you mentioned 'bubbles', i began to feel more relieved. Now i am imagining and fantasizing you, looking sexy with soap bubbles all over ur body, haha.

Patty: Not soap bubbles, dumbo! Guys are so leacherous. I'll never fall for a guy like you. Also, wont be meeting you for sch for the next 1 wk.

Oliver: You think i'll fall for you? dream on! i feel alittle sad cos i'm going to eat alone in sch liao, very lonely. Nobody to lend me copy homework. Wait teacher asks me questions, i so stupid, cannot answer. How? I very scared leh!

Patty: Am i your fren or not? Or just an accompany, a free-of-charge-tutor to help you in sch work?? Haiz, so disappointed in you, see you 1 week later then, bye!

For that 1 week, Oliver attends sch alone. He feels miserable w/o Patty at his side. In Maths lesson, Oliver dozes off and there is no Patty there to jolt him awake. He starts to dream of Patty... A scene of, Patty and himself trying on wedding gowns and suits, forms in his head.. they are teasing and praising each other how wonderful they look. Then they proceed to pose happily for their wedding shoots. Then... "Bang!"

"Wake up! Pay attention!"

His dream is shattered by Ms Liau's high-pitched voice. It nearly burst his eardrums too.

Patty also feels terribly uneasy during the 1 week MC when she doesn't hear the birds chirpping every morning. She then forces her pet kitty to meow like a bird. First she tries strangling the neck of her kitty. The kitty meows hoarsely. plan A fails, kitty is unable to imitate a bird's chirps. Then she thinks of plan B, which definitely works. here's plan B... Force cubes of watermelons down the kitty's throat. Since it is unable to swallow them, there is a blockage at the windpipe, causing the speed of oxygen entering the windpipe to slow down. Hence the pitch of meows produced is exactly like a bird's chirps! "Yipee!" Patty shouts. With the sound effect, patty is able to imagine Oliver is at her side. hence, she has a quick recovery.


Finally the slow-paced 1 week has gone. Oliver initiates to meet up exceptionally early on that very 1st day. He has alot to tell Patty. Patty on the other hand, wakes up at 5am so as to dress up and cover up her pox-scars. To summarise, both are very nervous about their meet up.

They choose to meet at Patty's block void deck.

At the instant when Oliver's eyes catch the sight of Patty, he runs over to Patty and gives her a hug. Tears flow out of his eyes and he chokes on his saliva. After the hug...Oliver takes a good looks at Patty...

Oliver: Gosh, you are ugly, i should have seen ur face before i gave you my hug, now i feel like vomitting.

Patty: Huh? How could you say that?

Oliver: I am sorry darling. I was just joking with you. You are as pretty as the...wad huh? i cant think of any examples that suit you.

Patty: What did you just call me? Darling? As pretty as the Mynah in the trees..haha

Oliver: Yes, darling. In your 1 week's absence, i missed you terribly.

Patty: Me too. I thought i would take you as my nice big bro always. Never ever thought we we are meant to be lovers.

Oliver: Ya, you are now my girl.

The truth about Patty and Oliver--> they are meant to be lovers.

*****************THE END**************************

/*My point is that appearance & qualifications do not matter when you are choosing a bf. Though some parts are as lame as lambs, hope you like it. its supposed to be abt orange but i juz chg it.*/

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tiring Thursday

i lingered at JP's NTUC for quite long because they were playing Gl's tune... di yi ci.. i enjoyed it.

If u are broke and wanna buy some junkies to ease ur mouth itchiness, buy this! Its only 60 cents..

peppermint is nice. and it reminds me of stone chocolates...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

No topic, this is risky.

the lecturer is so funny

but i shall not name who

Friday, March 10, 2006

i always have dreams come true!

I always have dreams come true. (erm, some)
Really! I think i have some premonitions powers!

Here, this word 'dreams' refers to my day & night dreams, fantasies and imaginations. Few days ago, i had imagined a scene in which i discussed sth with a group of ppl. Today, it happened. i was grouped with this group of ppl!

Remember the day i met HP guy in bus 187 months ago? before that i also had fantasized about meeting him and chatting happily. well, the chatting part didn't come true, sad case.

i always wanted to meet my fav senior, named X. i admired (not 'like') this X alot cos she's humorous, out-going, smart and friendly. Haha, that time i really admired her loooong fingers too. Since she is so capable and smart, i had assumed her to be in nus right from the start (nus is the right place for her). Though i thought i would never get to meet her, i still dreamt that i was able to ask her how she was. Weeks following that, i met her in the ntu libarary, she said she is in chem engine..haha, elites' courses. X is a genius and a nice person too.

Being observant, i could tell who are the nice ppl around. so i wished i had the chance to talk to them. And the wishes come true. In the end, i managed to talk to J, L, Z and H.

Last night i dreamt that i went to extract wisdom teeth. Its going to come true..ha, but its not a premonition cos i already fixed the surgery date at 14 june. i dreamt about it because i had imagined and thought about my teeth alot recently.

And many many more, but i forgot some of these incidents le. Of course, many other dreams do not come true too. But overall, i am quite grateful that i sometimes have this kind of 'warning' beforehand.

Btw, met another primary/secondary sch friend in ntu library. this girl, N, is in biomedical sci course! another smart fellow, haha. N is very diligent. Her looks are quite decent too. if i were a guy, i would like this kind of girl. To digress a little, i wanna say that i like decent guys, haha!

These days, i really spent alot of time looking at myself in the mirror. Not because i could not keep my eyes off my beautiful self, but because i was 're-arranging' my thick and messy hair.
The previous haircut (cut at a shop near my hse) was so lousy that the layerings and thinning were as little as none.

So out of frustrations, i went to Ec at Lot1 for a 10bucks haircut. it turned out better than the one near my hse lor! Quite satisfied with it.

Show to enlarge

ha, my back view!

i know its so blur that u cant see it properly...
well, thats the point!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Levis, Louis Vuitton blah blah blah

I dont own any of these branded products. Neither am i upset or wad. If i were to spend over 100 bucks on just a bag or a pair of jeans, i would die. Die of shame and guilt.

People say, "If i dont have these things, i'd die" What rubbish! U wont die from not having these materials needs. I am a living example. I know most of the people would say, they like levis jeans cos they are really cool and nice. Whats nice is just the brand---the red coloured tag at the backside right pocket. If i remove the red tag of an authentic Levis jeans and sell it at half price, would anyone still buy it? Doubt so. And from others' conversations, i heard that Levis is an america brand, so they sell them v exp in spore. But i thought they are usually made in China, thailand etc? Ppl justifies that Levis just worth so much and are willing to pay so much for a piece of jeans with red tag. I just do not get it.

Another thing i've noticed is that if u do not own any branded goods, u are going to be slightly discriminated. youngsters just judge ppl based on outer looks. I have got nth to say. Why like that??

Got back math test 2. i thought i could do it. Haiz. Maths is really getter harder and harder. i expect a C or D in the following tests. I wish we could get back our phy and chem tests.

Watched Days of Being Wild, which stars Leslie, Jacky, Andy,Maggie, carina low and Tony. Tony is a kelefair.. Muahaha.

Lastly wanna encourage myself:


Monday, March 06, 2006

Slight disappointment

M's album releases low-profilely. I dont hear radio DJ advertising about the date of album release. Hmm, i was so happy when i found out yesterday that his album has been out since 3rd March. i even blame myself for knowing it so late. But after searching on net that there are only 2 newly-composed songs in it(yue ding & dou shi ni). The other four are Yong qi(previously written for Fish), Lian, Wo deng ni(written for Rene), and Yong bao wo. It also comes with MTV vcd.

I am disappointed. I want a 10-new-songs-album. So in the end, i didnt buy it. I think the song which i like best is dou shi ni. There are 2 versions i think. I prefer the slower one.

So sad, i came home empty-handed. No new album to hear.

He's gonna have a concert but not here!

Today Computing Quiz. It v hard! The title says: Develop a program to tell the vowels and consonants and also the following:

  • User inputs 5 charcaters
  • Check if they are alphabets
  • Check if they are uppercase or lowercase
  • Check if they are digits
  • Find the average ASCII values of the 5 inputs .
I got zero for the average, no matter what inputs i enter.
I could do the alphabets, uppercase. the digits i am not sure if i did it in the correct way.
I didn't do the vowels and consonants.

but no errors!
and i managed to successfully use fflush despite we never used it b4.

Its not gonna be well done but hope i still can pass.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Laughter is the best medicine? Are you sure?

How can Laughter be a medicine when i thought it is a disease? I think smile is a better antidote.

I really cannot stand fake laughters. Those that are loud and pretentious. there is this girl named 'Wishy' who laughs ike a hyena. she laughs even when there's nothing funny. Aiyo, i still laughed a little to accomodate her. ha, thats the irony, Cos i hate to force to laugh at sth when its not even a wee bit funny.

Anyway, i prefer smile to laugh. Smile can be awkward sometimes. But smile is more reserved and suitable for acquiantances.


*name has been changed to protect identity of girl*

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yummy egg

On a particular day every year, i will feel excited about it. However, that day is as normal as any other day. Food which i enjoy eating every year are the...

Chicken Eggs!

No, they are no ordinary chicken eggs. instead they are special eggs, cos they are dyed red.

remove their shells..oops the dye has gone inside.

cut you!

put some dark soy sauce..

close up, yummy!

end result: red fingers

I think eggs taste better than a birthday cake.