Saturday, October 27, 2012

Memories from young..

The topic of how I had behaved as a toddler came up when I saw pictures of toddlers who put their fingers in their mouth and also saliva dripping from their mouths.

I asked my mum and she said I was hygienic when I was a baby. No sucking of finger, no saliva dripping. Yeah, I am so proud of myself, that I started well. The bad thing is that I eat too slow, and I wasn't that cute.

According to her, I was very smart, at about the age of 3, in the middle of a night, I soiled my shorts/panties. So I went to get a new pair and changed it by myself in the bathroom without switching on the lights (I couldn't reach the switch), and threw the soiled shorts at a corner of the bathroom. Of course, this as guessed by my parents when they saw the shorts in the morning, and had asked if I had changed by myself. I said yes. I have no recollection of this.

But I do have recollection, of passing motion in the bathroom. Then my dad or mum came and taught me not to pass motion in the bathroom, cos the gold nuggets cannot be flushed away in the bathroom and I should have used the toilet instead. I don't know what happen to the nuggets, I believe, picked up and disposed by my dad. Haha. I related this to my mum and she cannot remember this incident.

Other recollections of mine includes, an insect (cockroach or beetle) landed on my foot, when I was about to sleep. I asked my dad to catch it. I kept very still throughout. If it were now, I would have screamed and shaked it away. Haha. I slept alone on a mattress on a floor. The position where I slept, I could see the deities figures on the 神台 in the living room. Once I dreamt the figures were moving about. Not sure if this was a dream.

I also remember, my mum would piggyback me and my bro in the house, just for fun. My bro and I were quite noisy and always bickering over children's boliao stuff, and I was fierce.. always scolding my bro. My bro is naughty when we were bigger. We had pillow fights. I was smaller, and he would threw pillows at me, making me fall on my mattress. We liked jumping on the spring mattress. All these took place in our old house.

I asked weird questions. I was very young when I asked my mum, where do people go after they are dead. I cannot remember the answer, but I was feeling very down and sad when I asked that. I thought, how come people become motionless when dead, can't they just move their limbs? Like how I am able to move myself freely. I can control where my hands are placed at, how I can wave them, how my legs can move as I run. Then I question myself, how come I can control my movement, but not other people's movement? I was puzzled, haha.

It was fun and lively when we were still kids. Now no longer. As adults, we have to work, we are tired physically. We like to laze around doing nothing instead of jumping around like monkeys. What is happiness to us? Are we truly happy?