Monday, July 31, 2006

Wisdom teeth

Went to N D C to fix an apointment for my remaining two wisdom teeth. Today, I was assigned to a dental officer, a newbie, not gd looking, like kina type.. I am also kina type too.. Haha. Dr S**** greeted me a hi as he walked into his cubicle. Before he sat down, he examined my face. Then he said "Its abit slanted". That was his first statement, then proceeded to ask abt other things. He must have read my file before he came in. Are there very few patients who have crooked jaw? Must be very rare thus I became an instant case study of crooked jaw for this young doctor. "Interesting jaw..I've never seen anything like this before! " he thought.

There seemed to be a confusion.. Dr S***** asked if I had both of my right wisdom teeth removed. I guess from my file, it is only written that bottom right was removed. Then the assistant also said, "Ya, I was confused". Who is the negligent dr who never wrote clearly?? Dr S***** peered into my mouth, he also checked my right side.. then left... then used his fingers to press my widom teeth, asked if they hurt. Woa, i think v erxin far, no dentist that i met had used his finger to press my teeth. Cos in order to reach so far into my mouth, his hand had to be almost inside my mouth..weird feeling. He asked if I was interested in jaw surgery, i replied no. I should have asked how much it costs before rejecting it.

Ya, so I had fixed the surgery date at 4th Dec. The surgeon who signed the surgery form is Dr @sh. Dentists and assistants all wear the same blue robe that it is unable to tell who are which. But working there has many advantages, like, you dont need to 'decorate' your face and make yourself pretty and handsome, so saves you alot of grooming money. When you wear their robes as uniform, you dont need to dirty your own clothes. But one great disadvantage is that when you want to go for lunch break, you need to chg back to your own clothes. So mafan. I met Dr @sh at lift lobby, he was in his clothes, i guess he was going for lunch. Just 10 minutes before that, I saw him in his blue robe...Haha, I just find it funny that go makan must chg clothes...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Smoking VS Traffic Accidents.

I was mildly surprised to see this message on a road. Since it says smoking is more of a killer than traffic accidents, this message should be placed somewhere near cigarettes sellers?? Putting this on a traffic road tells pedestrians that, nah, crossing a road is even less dangerous than smoking...
Nevertheless, I find this interesting.

School's starting soon. Three more years to endure. Studying life is gonna be hard, after I've been streamed into a this stream which I dont really like. I still feel dejected sometimes. Sighing has become my habit...


Friday, July 21, 2006

Work, People and Pics

Am working as a 1-week temp promoter at a roadshow. I shall not say where and for which company I am working for and what i am selling cos I do not wish to be identified. This assignment will end on Sunday and it is estimated that I can earn $400+ from it. Finally I can have pocket money for school, yay. Heard that there is another roadshow coming up at CCK but I dont like some of the ppl there so dont wanna continue workin. But the location is my most prefered venue.

Next, talking about the ppl. Some are nice, some are not. Today's colleagues are nice & friendly. the past few days' aren't. Firstly the Indian supervisor is such a flirty woman who always like to talk to guys.. that flirty supervisor didnt wear her uniform..instead she just wears ugly orange/pink sphagetti with bright pink bra straps showing.. its an awful sight cos her complexion is so dark, then with bright pink contrasting! I also caught her snaking away(Many times! so i set her as my role model and learnt how to snake!). Although she's the supervisor, she's not doing much lor.

Secondly, there is another guy who behaves like he's superior ..he didnt talk to the temps.. He sucks, thats all. So what happens when there are ppl like dat? I tried to avoid them, by staying away from that, go to the traffic light area to distribute brochures. Well, traffic light area there is v hot..and standing there is tiring. Ppl ignored, sneered at me...haha, but i dont care this kind of things, its fine..cos they are strangers and I dont know them.

Today is enjoyable cos a different group of ppl joined us..but oni for today.tmr will be back to that same old ppl whom I dont like, sianz. i think married men are charming. not in terms of looks but personality. they tend to be more friendly. but one bad thing is that these men smoke. They have yellow stained teeth..and crooked also. I realise I always look at ppl's teeth when they talk. These men are 26, 27 yrs old and they are married with 2 or 3 kids.. Wow, this is interesting cos I thought nowadays young working adults wont like to have kids so early. This 26yr old guy has started hair-thinning hair and he doesnt look like his age.. so poor thing, so young starts to lose hair..he says he's from NUS fass, majoring in econs and minor in maths. but hor, i count and count, like cannot tally leh. Lets say..he takes 3 yr degree..he shd finish his degree by 24? cos he says he wasted alot of time by changing his choice of wad he wanna study.. then assume that he got married at 24, then how izit possible that he has 3 children in 2 yrs' time? unless he got married b4 he graduated... Now i think starting a new family is a v joyful thing... how warm and sweet~ for the pics...I've quite a lot to post.

When i distributed flyers at this area, these cats are always ard. Black&white and brown..they are well fed cos the keys-maker gives them food everyday.



I like to stand there cos can observe ppl from all walks of life...ppl selling food blender, watches, shoes and working professionals dressed in nice clothing passing by, foreign workers, kids and couples holding hands.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Hey, Ou's HK concert pic. Same outfit as the one he wore during his visit to Singapore. So far, haven't seen the concert cannot comment. Ou has become thinner. His face slims down. But I think he looks better last time. Nice signboards. Ou Ou Ou~

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Days of Without a Computer

Ya, these few days were spent living in agony without a pc. The monitor was spoilt. At first, the screen diminished, the visible area took up only 60% of the 15" . Then the final blow came when my bro was using it, he said the visible area zoomed out into a little round dot in the middle of screen, and then dot disappeared totally. Does the description sound funny? Think I would have laughed at the pathetic screen if i saw the whole process. Haha, it died.

Now comes a Benq 17" LCD monitor, goes my $30 for paying part of it. Btw, the old screen protector is still usable and we have no use for it anymore. I doubt we are able to sell it away cos nobody is still using cathode ray tube monitor (except for us liao). Even our TV set is also Cathode ray lor..we are really not tech-trendy. To add, our refrigerator is the green colour (Old grandma model) and short one. It should be more than my age. We started to have it when we lived at our old BoonLay flat, I think. In case you dunno, our house has no air-con, we use fans, and sometimes i can sleep w/o the fan on. Amazing?

Back to the topic, I just watched TV, listen to radio, laid on my bed idling and daydreaming when i had no pc to use. Its boring lor. I tried to read Algorithms textbook but its too chim. I am at pg 2 btw. Haha.

Too lazy to post I'll end off here..

Monday, July 10, 2006

You all only human~

You are all human beings, same as us, but received so much special treatments. Fans all screamed for you, even bought u teddy bears as gifts for you. After they presented you their gifts at your autograph session, what did u do? U tossed them onto the back of the stage, thats pretty mean. Imagine that fan saw what you did, she would be upset. And also, you ppl got to hug those girls.. Why hug? Hugs are for close friends, family and relatives. I bet you do not know your fans well. Although it is the fans who threw themselves on you and it would be rude of you to reject their offers, I really want to know if you all enjoyed the hugs? Maybe some of you would immediately go home and wash yourselves with dettol...

Can tell, I am not into chasing idols. Haha... Maybe I am no longer a teenager liao. well, one observation made is that most of the fans there were about 15 yrs old..around there. I think when we reach a certain age, eg 20, we would be too old for screaming for idols.

My monitor screen is soilt. the visible area is portrait, not landscape..


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bad dream

I dreamt that I was peeing, and I dropped my wallet in the toilet. The toilet was not the bowl type but the squatting type. It was very dirty. While doing my business, I had no free hand to hold it, so I sandwiched it between my chin and my collar bone there. then dont know why, I lifted up my head and my wallet dropped and slided into the toilet, and I never saw it again. The thought of losing all the money inside it, and my Identification card and many other important cards, made me want to use my hand to dig into the toilet to look for it. But in the end, I didnt. Maybe, the toilet too yucky le.

I think this is a warning to me. It is reminding me to be careful with my valuables. So the next time when I go out, I need to beware of pickpockets, frauds etc. Just like what happened in the dream, what is lost, cannot be claimed back. The thing is like a bottomless pit..

Be careful. Hope I am not being over paranoid :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I shake my head...




To : **** ******* Matric No. : 05*******

I refer to your request seeking a review of your examination results.

(1) FE100* *********

Your request has been looked into and I confirm that your results as conveyed to you earlier, are correct. We are unable to alter the decision of the School.

Yours faithfully


This is a computer generated letter.


Huh? Are you sure that you have looked into my request? Why izzit Office of acad services the one to check? Not our subject coordinator? I have doubts whether you ppl check or not. But one thing i am sure is that, I am really a failure. How i wish i dont even need to appeal in the first place. How I wish I had gotten a decent grade like C. So, I've learnt a lesson, that is, Work hard througout the whole semester and take care of myself during exams.

To think I even dreamt of having my appeal successful. Dream on!

In a bad mood, shall not post any pic.