Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Situation has Changed...

I have been feeling so affected by the way things and settings have changed over this short span of one year plus. "That's w0rking life, my dear", and now I know how simple I am.

In the past, due to apathy, I did not know or care about the decisions the management make on resources. As time passes, I grow to be concerned about the things that are happening to the people. be continued next week...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Fe||0w Tra|nee

Here's another character that revolves around my work life. A female. She's not local but can speak mandarin, so pro, as she's quite good at it also.

She's pretty. When she was first introduced to me by The B0ss, my first impression of her was "Wow, B0ss sure likes to hire mei nu?" She's kind, gentle, soft spoken...and, same as me, like to gossip about other colleagues. We idle and laze around, after lunch.

I am beginning to find her s e x y, as another male colleague always says. Haha.

Its great to have another tra|nee, who's around the age of mine. Hope we have our working life easy and happy for the remaining b0nd per|od.

Friday, September 10, 2010

1 Year Since I Started & 4 Seats Changed in 13mths

How fast time flies. I remember just about 1 year plus ago, I was hesitating about taking this gamble, whether to take up or not. The dilemma was that what if I could not adapt this place or I could not get along with the colle@gues? If these obstacles were there, the only way out of here was to Pay. Return every cent of money spent on me through this program. Thank g0d that I've survived my first year quite happily, though I did have some negative thoughts at certain period of time.

Ever since I finished my Scho0l, the blog entries I have written are mostly related to work, and my dearest department ppl!!! Although some of them, I have not touched on at all, I do like them. Just that I have already taken their nice for granted already. There are many benefact0rs here. I hope things remain as they are now at present.

And I changed to my present 4th cubicle seat. My first cubicle was at a very old place for 2.5mths. I thought I like my place. But no, when I changed to 2nd place.

2nd place is at newer office. It was so far the seat with most privacy as I was isolated and backfaced a wall, no one could see what was on my laptop screen. I stayed there for 5.5mths.
I had to leave my wonderful 2nd cubicle cos that place was not designated for me. Can say that I got it by force. I lost the seat to another person

3rd place is near 2nd place. . 3rd place was bad! Though it was a convenient seat, it was too exposed. Everyone going to pour himself some water could see what I was doing. Damn. I spent about 5 mths there too.

4th seat... new office, new desk, new cubicle walls, new chest of drawer, so cool. I am so not used to sitting together with my department colleagues. As my 2 previous seats were not v near to them.It a matter of getting used to. The pic!