Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Myself

生日快乐!Muacks and give myself kisses. Since I don't get kisses from anyone, I shall be generous and give them to myself from myself! I love myself! Here are my wishes:

1) Wish I could be a nicer and better person. Though I know I am already as kind as an angel, I think there is room for improvement. I want to be able to control my temper. Be less arrogant and not think too highly of myself. People who are 自恋 usually think too much of themselves with the mentality "I AM THE BEST!" I think I have a little of this mentality, haha. I have to bear this in mind and change for the better!

2) Enjoy life to the fullest. When I say 'enjoy', I do not mean playing games all day and not do tutorials. In the next sem when I go back to school, I will still try to keep up with studies. But also at the same time, I think I should not refrain myself from watching TV programmes. All work and no play makes me a dull and boring person. I am already a very boring person with no interest or hobby, if I were to not watch any TV, i might as well go and live in a cave, right? Now, I am watching severals hours of TV everyday, real shiok man. TV rocks~

3) Be a lovable girl who is well-liked by others. I wish to make use of my mesmerising smile to melt the hearts of armyboys, middle-aged uncles and aunties, ah pehs and ah mmms and children. Don't know why I have a haughty look despite armed with a thousand-dollar smile. Actually, lovable means friendly lah. I want to know more people. Though I have an unexplained fear of meeting new people. To be well-liked, I must be chatty and have the initiative to approach ppl. Wow, this is hard and it seems that this wish will never come true.

Red Eggs... You see the pink spots of dye that had seeped through the shell and into the egg?

Have you realised I never mentioned abt finding Mr Right and Knight in shining armour? Haha.
Such thing also needs to 看开一点, should he come, then he will come one day. Else, keep thinking abt it also will lower one's self-esteem. Never mind, if no one loves me, then I'll love and dote on myself doubly. 自恋 is a good alternative to being in love. It will be the trend one day.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

7th Wk of Work - Haiz

I did the way he wanted and showed him, he said its good. Wah, I really can't stand it. I still think the original way is still way much better. The database really sucks.

Btw, about the part on his marital status, I had been wrong. He is from Malaysian and his family is also there. Travelling to & fro is so sianz if it were me. He says he can earn twice in S'pore than in Malaysia.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

7th Wk of Work - Can't Meet Eye-To-Eye

Alright, week 7 isn't over yet,it is only halfway through it but I have this urge to blog. I need an outlet to let off my steam. My sup changes his words real fast eh. I always ask carefully what he wants so that I won't end up the wrong path but only to realise it at the last minute, I have been avoiding such scenario.

Well, few weeks ago, I showed him my progress and he said it was ok, now he wants me to re-do. And guess what, he wants me to do a database that is so similar to the old one. What the hell. That database is not v well done actually. I think the current one which I have done is much better lor. I feel so 不服气 and I tried to tell him that old database v 'lumpy' but he says he just prefers that.

My opinion of him really changed as quickly as how he changed his words. Haiz, I feel so 不值 for my database, I spent so much time on it. RIP, Database.

Anyway, I shouldn't show too much of my displeasure in case he deducts marks. Maybe I'm really hard to get along with, if the other person doesn't think the same way as I, I can't accept his ideas instantly. There's a high chance I would have more problems like this next time.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

6th Wk of Work - Monotonous Life

Like a blink of any eye, time flies fast .It is already week 6. . I have been doing Access everyday for like 8 and a half hours. The thing I dislike the company so much is that they are so niao to make employees work long hours. For 600 bucks, I have to work 43 and 3 quarters hours a week. Although that is still less than the 44 hrs standard, but still, I am just an intern who is paid so meagre.

Good thing? Well, I cant think of very good things to say about it, so I'll try la. At least they provide transport. Rightfully they should, because the company is situated at such an ulu place. It would take me more than 1 hour to reach there by public transport. Yup that is all. I have many bad things to say, but to spare you from my complaints, I shall not list them here. And this would probably be a super long post if I list them all down.

People-wise, I think they aren't so bad after all. As in, nobody scolds me or torture me. I am thankful that I don't meet any unreasonable or evil people at work. Or is it too early to say that? Maybe I haven't met. Hope I don't get to meet such people. Thinking, actually my sup is not bad afterall. Although I have nothing to say to him whenever I see him, he is still a polite person and doesn't boss me around. I sometimes eavesdropped on him when he is making phonecalls to liaise with supplier or whosoever, I can't help it, cos he is just sitting right behind me, his command of Mandarin is good. And polite to his chatting party, not forgetting the sincere 'Thank You very much'. I've come to realise that he is not very man-ly. I don't know, too polite and the way he sits.

The clerk by the name of Gu0wei, who does 包到完work. I find it funny that he does calibration of the machines, safe-keeping of camera, climbs up to hang new year decorations and lotsa other stuff. So far, in this company, there is only once I heard ppl call my name. This once is called by him. Oh ya, he works even longer hours too. And he's Chinese Indonesian, not Malaysian. But somehow he has got the malaysian Accent in his speech. He gets along well with everybody.

The other Malaysian office girl, whom I still do not know what her title is, but she is the one who was tasked by my sup to bring me out for lunch on my 1st day. Her accent is very strong. She once, when we met in the ladies, asked me abt what I was doing for work. I think I must have seen 'doing nothing except messing with computers' that was why she asked that. Haha. Still, we seldom talk and I am lonely as ever.

Another Singaporean Lady who works in a room-for-dunno-wad, and does-dunno-wad, but I am sure she's not just a clerk. Remember I mentioned in my 1st week that I said office ppl or educated ppl are more proud? Well, I arrived at this thought when i first met her. She looks abit like those higher class Ah lian and I always think that she looks like one of my friends, hah. I was wrong! She is not some snob. Her smile looks snobbish and aloof but she isn't. Haha, I guess 'do not judge a book by its cover' this is true. Maybe I give other people the same kind of impressions too.

The security guards are quite friendly, their job is to scan our bodies and ransack our bags, at first I felt v 'leh chey' have to do these. Gradually, I am used to such procedure. There is this QC man who looks nice, and we would smile when meet head-on-head. And another worker uncle to whom I smile at.

My 'relationship' with the technicians is still Neither-here-nor-there. Awkward. Sometimes avoid meeting each others eyes sometimes will acknowledge each others presence. awkward is the only word to describe such situations. Haha.

I want to record these down because I want to remember what I think of these people(Conclusion:They are not friendly but neither are they proud). Maybe few years down the road, when I start real working next time, I meet evil colleagues, then I would realise how okay the current people are when I re-read my blog.

Life is still boring, I speak less than 8 sentences in office on average a day. Such a long post, wow. Hope my work here will be smooth for me. Pray hard.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

5th Wk of Work Plus CNY

My tummy is even bulgier now. Wow, just day one and I feel real fat. Over dosage of Pork and Chicken and some other type of meat. I feel different this year. Maybe after started working has made me re-appreciate CNY again. CNY is a break from boring work. I am glad that there is such a thing called 'CNY' that excuses all of us from 2 days of work. Ang bao wise, I think I am less bothered by the amount of money from Angbaos I get. Money, can be earned by himself or herself. The more important thing is family reunion. And the effort all of us put in to make our house a clean place, I really think it is very meaningful. And how carefree we are on CNY. Just slack and watch TV. I don't very like it when ppl come to our house, as they will undo the cleanliness of the place and disrupt our peaceful holiday. But, neither do I wish that nobody visits us because that is rather too quiet and lonely plus the fact that new year is supposed to be a 'relatives-bonding' affair, so I have come to accept the way new year should be.

Work! Stresses man! It is no easy feat. I am very doomed. I have yet to do the SQL cos I am trying to decipher the codes of the sample. The sample is done by student in 2005. The database is very well-done, so I must do better. Why must all students do database? She did one, now I have to also. At least I am comforted to know that some other seniors (who i do not know in person) had worked in this company before. At least I am not the 1st one.

Everyday I see my sup, I have nth to say to him. Maybe he's an uncle and me a young gal. Cant click. Realised the ppl there are ok la, though not super frenly la. The company, I still dont quite like it as it is the type which would short-change employees' pay. Stingy company. And different department gets different treatment. Well, all the best to myself, may I excel in sch & work!!!!

Bye too tired after helping out in the kitchen in the day.. Happy Rat Year..

Saturday, February 02, 2008

4th Wk of Work - Very Boring,so bitch abt my Sup

I have been doing Access everyday from 830 to 6pm. It is very boring as my butt is stuck to the chair all the time, plus nobody talks to me :(| Neither has my sup called my name. Btw I suddenly recall, he didn't introduce me to the other technicians! That time, he only introduced the technicians to me, "This is blah blah..,that is blah blah" telling me, but he didn't tell the technicians my name, cos he doesn't bother abt my name!!!! Damn him, the more I think abt this name-matter, the more I feel insignificant.

I guess he is a bachelor. I should not bitch about his private life, but too bad that I do not know any other person so I can only blog abt my sup. Why I say he is one? He arrives at the office sometimes as early as 7.30am (I saw from the attendance sheet) and goes home abt 6 or 630 or 7 pm plus, depends. Near to 12hrs. He is an engineer, it is a skilled profession, really need to spend half of his time working meh? Maybe he doesn't have a family, so need not spend much time at home. The second clue is that his polo/tee-shirts are not nicely pressed. And the same boring old shirts, I can count with one hand. 1 orange, 1 yellow, 1 stripped green, 1 green. See, total 4, really count with 1 hand leh! Third clue is that he is quite a serious man, women will find such man as boring and unattractive. Some more, he is not a very meticulous man, women of course would like themselves to be thought of constantly, but he doesn't even bother abt names, so fails to win women's hearts. Anyway, still, I hope I am wrong, hope he has a family, cos being single feels so lonely. Neither do I want to be single. Hope everybody who wants to get attached, will get so eventually.

I am very quiet in office. And I had made a big discovery yesterday, to make the form work, I need to do visual basic programming! I have to borrow Visual basic self-help books from library maybe tmr. Now, I find solving tutorial questions more enjoyable.

Its CNY next week and would be a short working week, Yippee! Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!!