Thursday, July 31, 2008

Enjoying the Last Week of Hols

Boohoo, school is starting next week. I sort of dread it because:

1)Lost touch of studying during these 6 mths (Not counting specia! sem, it was a crap module that I took with no tutorials)
2)The F.Y.|o. It sucks. Yet to start because I've not gotten information from the Mr-Nice-Guy ya? I contacted him until I paiseh to remind him or to hurry him even in a subtle way. The thought of it really wanes my enthusiasm (as if I had any in the first place)

I've seen some of the notes, they are chim. One of the modules that I would be taking next sem is not what I intended to take. It was due to clashes with other modules, that left me with no choice but to take this sucky module. Die, even before sch starts, I am hating the mod already. As the module is lab-based (my fatal acupoint!), I must work in pairs. The danger is, we are usually paired according the alphabetical order of our surnames... and many ah tiong scholars have the same surname as me. Loads of them. If I am Tan, then it would be a safer story, have u met of any ah tiong who has surname Tan? Then what is more sickening is the submission of report. Pair report, I'd rather work alone.

There are a total of 3 project-based modules, excluding the F.Y.|o. I know I cant survive projects smoothly, bound to bump into obstacles on my way.

Ok, I am really enjoying my last week of hols. I've just finished a book Lolita by by Vladimir Nabokov. From wikipedia I quote:

Lolita is narrated by Humbert Humbert, a literature scholar born in 1910 in Paris, France, who is obsessed by what he refers to as 'nymphets' (defined as sexually desirable girls between the ages of nine and fourteen). This obsession with young girls appears to have been a result of his failure to consummate an affair with a childhood sweetheart, Annabel Leigh, before her premature death from typhus. Shortly before the start of World War II, Humbert leaves Paris for New York. In 1947 he moves to Ramsdale, a small New England town, to write. When the house in which he is promised a room burns down, he ends up at the door of Charlotte Haze, a widow, who has a sexually charged interpretation of taking in a lodger. As the two make their way through Mrs. Haze's tour of the house, Humbert rehearses different ways of turning her down, but then, after being led out into the garden, he spies Haze's 12-year-old daughter Dolores (variously referred to in the novel as Dolly, Lolita, Lola, Lo, L) sunbathing in the garden. Humbert, seeing the Annabel Leigh in her, is instantly smitten with the daughter and eagerly agrees to rent the room.

Charlotte becomes his unwitting pawn in his quest to make Lolita a part of his living fantasy. When Mrs. Haze drives Lolita off to summer camp, she leaves an ultimatum for Humbert, saying that he must marry her (for she has fallen madly in love with him) or move out. He is absolutely horrified at first, but after much contemplation he warms himself to the idea of living with Charlotte for the sole reason of making Lolita his stepdaughter, intending to use heavy sedatives on both her and her mother so he can express his sexual desire on Lolita in her sleep. Although we never learn specifically what he plans to do, he does say he wishes to keep her purity intact. Humbert marries Charlotte and they live a domestic lifestyle, with Charlotte completely oblivious to his distaste for her...

For more information,

Its a pity that during this hols, I didn't manage to re-read any HarryP0tter bk.

My face, its still as acne-matic despite using the number 1 cleanser recommended by dermatologists. Such a disappointment that the neutrogena acne wash cannot stop incoming new acnes. But it does reduce abit nia. My face is really hideous.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Closure to my Spec!a| Sem..

I had my exam yesterday. Well, it was manageable. Whether I will score or not, that depends on the person marking my paper. Its essay type, so hope she likes my writing, my English sucks man :( Heh. I don't like essay type exams, wrote until the hands got tired, and fingers hurt from gripping the pen for 2 whole hours of writing non-stop. I am so not used to such papers. For my cores its the other way round, hands wont be moving every minute cos will keep getting stuck at the questions.

Today went for bro's c0nv().

Friday, July 18, 2008

End of Temp Job

Yesterday was the last day of my temp job. Some people are very nice. But however, a weirdo I am, I behaved like a freak. They are friendly enough to try to talk to me, and get me to join them. But I was just feeling very anti-social and tried means and ways to avoid them. I really don't know why I am so anti-social to this extent. It is not that I really want to avoid them, its just that I am so afraid of the awkwardness. Something is wrong with me. Maybe I am slightly autistic.

I think I am quite lucky to have met such friendly people. Actually I wanted to thank them for being nice to me, but I am not those expressive sort and would find it mushy if i had really said those words of appreciation.

Btw, some girls are very frank and expressive. I am quite impressed. Haha.

There is a quite cool guy here. I never talked to him before. Cos he's not the chatty type either. Its a feat that I managed to talk (though never talked much and long lah nevertheless still considered talk) to half of the temp workers here, considering how quiet and introverted I am. My face skin condition is terrible. I don't see any boy or girl who has a as pimply face as mine.

Its time to prepare for my exam.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Only Omnia.

Samsung Omnia is a phone which is everything I can wish for. Mobile technology advances so swiftly that new phones are designed every few months. At the same pace, they go outdated. This is good for the mobile makers, but bad for consumers’ pockets. Nope, not really if this one consumer owns a phone like Omnia. Omnia is high-impact-making in the mobile phone industry. I foresee it could be an award-winning phone, given its cool design and multi-feature functionality. Unlike other simple and plain looking phones, Omnia’s popularity could last for several years, hence it is definitely worth the money for consumer to get this phone.

Currently I am using Samsung D900. It would be a great leap if I upgrade to Omnia, because I really like the touch-screen feature. To those non-touch-screen phones: You are definitely OUT! Though the proper definition of a mobile phone is one that can make calls and send SMS, my very own definition of a mobile phone today has evolved to one that says it should possess more than calls and SMS, and it has to play more roles, multitask as a television, PSP, camera, mp3 player and a high-speed-computer. Which phone has all these? Omnia! Plus, it is sleek. I can’t find another phone that is as compacted and as sleek as Omnia. Since it is such a renowned phone, even if few months later when new models come up. I will still prefer Omnia, only Omnia.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Into my Temp Job for a Week Already

I came across an job advertisement on a forum, seeking for temp Quality Check workers. Its check 电灯泡 for cosmetics defects. It was supposed to be a 2 and a half weeks assignment, but there are far many too many goods to check that 2 and a half weeks is not enough. It will be extended, but I cant commit for a week because I have yet to study for my exam. Exam for that nego module.

Anyway, food there is exp. Ppl who work there dress v nicely, better and more formal than engineers, I guess they are doing sales, logistics and procurement. Those without any hands-on work de. I overheard some of the staff's conversation during lunch time, they speak eloquently, fast and with confidence. Whoa, I wish I could speak like them.

And I bought this. $15.30. Haiz, the mirror in the washroom of the workplace is of high quality. It reflects my acnes, pimples very clearly. The mirrors in my house are lousy types, the acnes pimples don't show up as clear. It was that workplace mirror that woke me up that I have to do something with my face. It is so damn red. And the acnes area are widening and spreading.

Hope it is good,else, my heart will ache. I got B+ for it. Initially I was a bit dejected seeing it, why have I not gottn an A-? Then I think, nope, I don't really deserve an A-. Period.

I'm need to decide if I want to use S/u. I have until Sunday to decide.