Friday, September 26, 2008

my grp members suck..

I suspect one of my group members purposely offline. When i first log in, i see him online, 1 min later, he's off. Its not the first time. Damn. I hate him. I want to curse him...

People are damn selfish, I really hate this group. A bunch of inconsiderate ppl.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Project Mates

I think they are selfish. Very selfish. And they happen to be girls. Now I have to agree that doing project with girls is tougher than with guys. One of them, does things without thinking of the inconsideration brought to other people. She even asks other grp ppl to do sth for her. Put herself at convenience at the expense of others' inconvenience. I feel like I have been treated like a fool, agreeing to most of her requests.

Second girl, keeps saying grp meeting is inefficient, yet for her own slides, do so slip-shod work. Then still have to add in 2 slides for her. Damn. Also, can't she quit complaining, when her hrs devoted is much less than the hrs I put in?

I know I have my flaws too, but I always consider others first, in whatever decisions I make, if possible, I try to please everyone. That is hard. And thus, here I am, suffering like hell. and nobody appreciates what I have done.


Honestly, no thanks, I wouldn't want to have anything more to do with them after this sem.

*shudders and runs away*


tutor has yet to reply. I think I'll have to call him tmr. It sucks man!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I am weird..

I find myself very weird. I am so quiet that I am almost like a mute. Yet, this is happening to me when I see people whom I cant click with. I am just so shy. Usually, foreigners, ya them, I end up saying minimal to them.

What are friends for? To be used? It is sad to know that one girl asked me for favours. Yet when I needed her, she just didn't manage to help me. When I really help ppl, I try to do it for the sake of the person. Its out of my very own goodwill. Seems like nowadays nobody appreciates goodwill. The girl even forgets my name. I treat her with sincerity, she doesn't reciprocate, there won't be another time I would help her again (if she needs help again).

Because I don't trust people as much as myself, I develop a fear for meeting new people. I hate to be used. I am not a tool, and shouldn't be disposed of. I know some ppl who are really nice, but still I avoid ppl. Why? Not a risk taker, and also maybe I am becoming more of a loner! And egoistic person. I know myself pretty well?

Sometimes, I even feel lazy to talk to ppl. I have never like talking on the phone. I always wonder why people can chat on the phone for hours. Though I often chatted on phone for hours with a close friend in sec sch, until my ear turned red. Now, I've aged and feel that I dont have much to say. Even when I talk to ppl, I usually talk abt sch, proj..such boring stuff. Ya, I am boring, but what else can I say?

I am a too quiet person..