Friday, January 25, 2008

3rd Wk of Work - Being Neither Here Nor There

No progress in not becoming a nameless soul. Haven't heard anyone call my name , feels rather empty, as if I am not an employee there. Correct, they don't treat us as employees, just some 'interns' or 'temps'. The HR dept says we are not invited to Dinner & Dance. Fine, as if I care.. Even if i were invited, I won't go either. Yup so whats the problem then? I just don't like the company because they don't treat us as equal. Just because we are students and young.

My sup is ok la. Whenever machines break down, the technicians are the ones repairing, engineers just stand, fold their arms and watch. Occasionally, help the technicians. But engineers are the ones to tell technicians which parts to open up etc. However, experienced technicians, I think, also know where goes wrong too. They are the ones doing the repair, they should know more as much as the engineers. Actually I have more admirations for technicians than for engineers. The technicians are v xin ku, they will sweat alot and the machines parts are damn heavy. You know, a clamp is abt 35kg. Then they must hold it high to fix it back, wow! I even have trouble lifting up 35kg load. The most I can carry is 10kg bag of rice, haha.

Ppl there mostly can speak dialects, I dun understd cantonese, so dun know what they are conversing about. Even if they talk abt me, I won't know. Damn! So far, I havent heard them use Teochew. They should use it mah.

As compared to my 1st wk, my current situation has improved slightly. Some colleagues will smile at me, of coz i will too. But still Being Neither Here Nor There. I don't like doing database cos its not v relevant to my course of study. He says the Access is the easier version of Visual Basic SQL blah blah blah. Do Access is really sian cos its hard to record in my logbk. I cant write, "experiment with Access"... no gd!

May I have better days ahead. Thank You.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

2nd Wk of Work - being a nameless soul.

It is the 2nd week only yet I am feeling it is like end of the world. Practically everyday I come in and sit down at my desk then start reading some manuals. My sup doesn't expect me to do much. I feel so 不好意思 just sitting there and colleagues around me are busy like hell. There is a young malaysian staff by the name of guowei, i think he is do 包到完work which everyone ask him to do..i keep hearing everyone calling him :"Guowei,你的那个。。。" or "Guowei, 昨天。。。"... Everywhere is Guowei, guowei, guowei. I tend to hear his name being called every few minutes.. yet nobody calls my name. They probably don't know my name at all. Even my sup doesn't call me by my name. If he wants to talk to me, he just comes to my desk and talk. Wah, I am sad that I am 无名氏。I used to call my sup as MR XXX, but after realising he doesnt call me by my name, I also don't address him anymore. Wakao! Why are ppl likedat? They really don't reciprocate. If i address you nicely, you should at least call me by sth rite? If sup calls me by surname I dont mind and would be happier.

I wonder what they call me behind my back. "那个学生。。" or "那个小妹妹" or "那个女的"? I am so nameless....

My brother is right! Ulu companies suck. He advised me to choose well-known companies when i was about to choose companies. The projects would then be better and useful. I didn't heed his advices and end up here miserable 24hrs. My bro says he want to work for a big company aft he has graduated. Sometimes we must be more ambitious for our own good.

20wks of suffering to go, life has been going downhill for me. May the force be with me...
I listened to old YIYO songs to cheer myself up. 一直往前走!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Started Working

Before I write this post, I have already done a blog search and found out that many preferred studying to working as opined in their blogs. Yup, I raise both hands and legs to agree. Work is super boring. And I really cant work long hrs, will bore me to death. Somehow, I find being a cashier is far more relaxing than an engineer-to-be.

Alright, I shall talk abt how disastrous my 1st day was. I was late. When I reached there abt 15min later than the supposed reporting time, I received a call from my sch, telling me that my company called earlier to say I wasn't there. Can't the company wait for a little girl who got lost on her way while searching for the 'unheard-of' company? Fine.

I wore the new covered shoes and it bit me badly at the back. Damn it, I don't dare to wear it after the 1st day. Now, my blisters haven't healed yet, they seem to be worsening. The diameter of the wounds increases. They look pretty bloody to me even right now. Tell u sth funny, I am wearing that $35 track shoes which I wore to sch in jc2, haha, smelly n dirty. But heckcare cos I cant stand the new shoes. I put plasters everyday cos they hurt so much, but sometimes plasters came off and back of the trackshoes stained with blood! Bloody hell. Disgusting? Not enough, tell u another thing, I never wear socksss!!! The brown stain will remain there forever..Wahaha, I am very erxin right? Do you realise I use alot of swear words like bloodyhell? Cos I am so 纳闷 by ia. So 脾气 quite 暴躁.

Next, the working environment, all guy engineers, there are three in my department, I bet there are many more engineers in other departments as well, maybe IT department even mre lah. Anyway, I am the odd one out. My sup seems quite nice, he asked the gals (plus guys)in office to take me out for lunch as eating with 3 male engineers abit more weird, somemore age gap problem. But I can neither fit in with the office ppl too. But the young guys are technicians, operators, many of them. Btw the food there not v cheap. only the first day I happened to eat cheap $2, economy rice. Mostly all $2.50, $3 for mee.

The place is so sian can? I don't know if I can/will become an engineer after I graduated. See how lar. Working is so scaryyyy............ you'll know when you work.. excluding temp jobs, cos temp jobs mood mre relaxing la.

All the best to myself!

Friday, January 04, 2008

IA starts in 3 Days' Time!

Time is short! 3 more days of slacking before ia starts. My pay is a meagre $600 per mth, this is slavery! My transportation fares alone would cost alot and this pathetic amount is just enough for me to survive if I scrimped and use my money only on necessity. It is said that transport will be provided at various pick-up points but I will only know where the points are on the first day. Btw, i think I am taking train lah. See first. I have never gone to that place before, don't know if I should try to go there before my 1st day at work.

I am scared that I am a poor worker cos I am slow in catching instructions, this may lead them to think I am dumb. They say 'shirt & jeans' for wear but I assume T-shirts as a subset of 'shirt' and I plan to wear T-shirts. I don't have shirts, just T-shirts. Wonder if I should put powder. Hah.

Oh, I feel so feverish right now.