Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dennis Chew

Poor him, had 5 of his front teeth knocked out, and both arms fractured. And the scars, they must be the hatest things to an artiste. Does that mean his appearances on TV will decrease? I think will, but hope not. But, he survived the fall! Lucky..

He is one of my fav DJs who manages to make me laugh. I like his programme cos there is always something funny. Actually I didn't know about his accident because I don't listen to radio these days...I only listen on school days, bored then will tune in to 933. I listened to his zhou gong jiang gui on most sat/sun. Since he has 5 missing teeth, he is going to put on dentures, don't know if it will affect the way he speak. His iron rice bowl is dependent on his mouth. If he is someone vain, he would be quite sad to be disfigured. But, looks aren't everything, he needs not feel insecured as he has a bubbly personality and it is his forte.

Hope he adapts well as the 'new' him.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Balmy days ahead

I finally have a lip balm and I got it accidentally. I didn’t want to have one, never. My br0 asked me to buy a lip balm for him as he has no time. I went to Watson and saw Nivea lip balm 4.8grams and cost $3.20 only. This price is discounted; the usual price is $4.00. Wow, I exclaimed in my head and felt excited for seeing such a good buy. Then there were 3 types; one is plain the second is cheery and third is strawberry. Since they were all same price, I thought it was more worth it to buy flavoured one instead of plain. Then I pondered, cherry or strawberry? Strawberry is so girlish so I bought cherry in the end.

Then at night my br0 opened the package, the balm is red in color! Oh my god! We tried the color on a piece of toilet paper and red color appeared on it. He didn’t dare to use it and said it was for girls! Then I have to use it myself, waste my money lor! But when I tried putting it on my lips, there isn’t any color cos our lips are red in color so the red isn’t obvious on lips. Neither does it turn out glossy nor shinny. Luckily it doesn’t turn glossy if not I wont use it at all. Hai, I felt so uncomfy using balm. It feels like as if my lips are oily and I have the urge to use a tissue paper to wipe my mouth just like after a meal. Then he said, cherry smells so yucky. He preferred strawberry!!!!!

I should have not be so greedy and bought the plain one! Argh….now I have to suffer….. I hate balm! And when can I finished such a big stick of 4.8g?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's my life! Boring!

Currently I am stuck to a dumb project in which I learnt nothing from it so far. What we do everyday is to use the computer. Everything is self-exploring, self-understanding, no professor to hold your hand and guide you along. Yes, I am doomed. I don't know what I can present in my report at the end of the proj. If I can't produce anything good, I may get a bad grade.

Talking about grades...I was thinking about my exam grades during my bath. I just, very suddenly, thought of my grades, wondering how I would fare in my exams. Haiz, am real worried. real worried about my maths and an@l0g papers. Killer papers, hope to get D+ for both of them. If I fail any of them, I will cry. That is so sad. Now i think hitting 3 for gpa is a mission impossible. Results will be out in 2nd wk of june.

All the best to myself!!