Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Unusual CNY 2007

I am definitely getting a few more inches at my waistline. We are finishing supposed-to-be a week's supply of meat and vegetable, in just 3 days. Or else they'll turn bad. Our refrigerator sold us out on the First day of New Year. Those fishes, sea cucumber (dunno if it is called sea cucumber,we call it hai sim), prawns and fried fillet, chicken which lived in the freezer are in peril. And if they were rotten and had to be thrown away, it would be really a waste cos they ain't cheap. So my father quickly cooked a chicken and the hai sim on the first day. And for the rest, my bro had to put at his friend's (he lives a block away nia) house and luckiest part is that he has an extra freezer at home, wow!

Then comes the second day, some relatives visited us so we prepared much food for them, sooo much that of course by using common sense, we know they cant finish our food. But it was a great chance to us to get rid of some stuff. The leftover, (no refrigerator for us to put into, thus pour back to the woks and reheat them) would be my breakfast, lunch and dinner for today, the 3rd New Year's day. Haha. We just going to gorge ourselves with food. For temporarily, we can't mind the colesterol etc. Gorge to avoid wastage. But somehow, i still feel that New Year is a period of food wastage, even if the fridge didn't break down. I feel sinned.

Also, haven't done much tutorials. I went to buy 4D, my first time! Didn't know buying 4D is so easy. Though I am of legal age, i look underaged. But surprisingly, the staff didn't ask to see my identity card. Guess I may not look like I'm 17 afterall.

Last year, i took a pic of my room on new year's day. This year, I did the same too.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

First Test of this Sem

Yes, Analog Electronics Test today. And it happened to be Valentine's Day. It isn't a happy day for me because I have been dateless for 20 years. I think, if i were to get attached, I would probably not get used to it. It seems like this year's Valentine's, in sch, is quite toned down as compared to last year's. I remember last year had many people carrying gifts and flowers around. But today, I only saw a guy carrying a bouquet of chocolates that resemble flowers. Haha. I could feel that the guy was abit embarrassed holding that in his hand. And he was gaining attention from passers-by.

Back to Analog. Ok, I can only do 1 out of ten MCQ questions. Mental block. Couldn't solve many questions, mind was blank and I just dunno how to do them. Everytime is like that. I knew it would turn out like that even before today's test.

After I came home, I helped to pack the storeroom(This time is for real). And it is very tidy now. We threw away many useless stuff. At the end of cleaning, I made two trips downstairs to the refuse collection at the void deck there to throw the rubbish. There were 7 big bags of them in total. Waha. I feel good doing something useful. If not, I would feel sucky throughout the whole day due to the sucky test.

More stress ahead, Fighting~

Monday, February 05, 2007

My loot

I like bronze coloured slippers cos they look so elegant. from the pcs, they look like theyare brown, but they are actually bronze. $19.90

The watches are not v comfy on m wrist. The straps are hard. My poor delicate skin..ooh..

I made 2 bottles of mini porkfloss springrolls in 3 hr 15min, consider quite fast already.

Korean seaweed are very crispy! I think they deep fry the seaweed, that is why they are super oily.